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Philosophy Majors Published in the Oshkosh Scholar

Congratulations to Michael Lahti, whose original research paper, "Lust As An Embodied Appraisal", has been accepted for publication in the print edition of Oshkosh Scholar (Volume X), available Spring 2016.

The philosophy department congratulates Michael Lahti on the acceptance of his original research paper, Lust As An Embodied Appraisal, by the Oshkosh Scholar for publication in its 2015 printed edition.

Previous submissions by recent philosophy majors include:

Maria Bady's Against The Slang Use Of The Word 'Rape', published in the journal's 2014 print edition (Volume IX). It can be read online here.

Garrett Carlson's (2013) The Metaphysical Impact of the Special Theory of Relativity and Its Implications for the Present, readable online here.

Steven Mischler's Plato, the Other, and the Freedom to Love, published in the 2010 print edition (Volume V) and readable online here.

The philosophy department encourages all of its students to think creatively and critically, and to write clearly, concisely, and convincingly on complex issues. If you are a philosophy major who wishes to submit an original paper to the Oshkosh Scholar (or some other undergraduate research journal), the first step is to discuss your ideas with a faculty member whose interests overlap with yours. Sometimes, an excellent term paper can be further expanded and developed into research that could be publishable. In addition, you can take the department's new "Capstone" course, in which you will be guided through the process of writing original philosophical research.

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