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Program of Study

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Rationale for Program of Study

 Our aim is to train students who will be highly competitive for graduate school and job markets!

Research fields ranging from cancer to bioremediation, stem cells to evolution, development of organisms to development of biofuels use an approach called proteomics and functional genomics.  It is an extremely important, cutting-edge approach to research that has found its way into every field of biology and biochemistry! 

The program of study outlined below will provide training so students will be knowledgeable in biology, chemistry, and computer science.  Thus, these students will be well-positioned to understand and use proteomics and functional genomics and to enter a multitude of fields.

What if research is not for you? 

After completing the PFG Scholars Program, you may decide that research is not a career for you.  It doesn’t matter.  You will have a broad range of skills that will open many opportunities for you.  

Program of Study

All students will complete one year of biology (Bio 105 Concepts in Biology: Unity and Bio 323 Introductory Molecular and Cell Biology), chemistry (Chem 105 General Chemistry I and Chem 106 General Chemistry II) and computer science (Comp Sci 221 Object-Oriented Design and Programming I and Comp Sci 226 Object-Oriented Design and Programming II).  Students will then follow requirements for biology, microbiology, chemistry or computer science majors. Visit the websites for

Common Course Scheduling

During the first year, PFG Scholars will be enrolled in the same course sections, when appropriate.  For example, all PFG Scholars taking Bio 105 will be enrolled in the same lecture and laboratory section of Bio 105. 





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