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Research and Internship Opportunities

All students are encouraged to do research with a faculty member, participate in an internship with an organization or business or participate in some other funded summer opportunity.

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Below are faculty who use or plan to use proteomics and functional genomics approaches in their research.  Visit their websites to learn more about their interests.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper-Biology and Microbiology-Metabolic changes in birds from summer to winter

Dr. Samuel David-Chemistry-Protein chemistry of Alzheimer's Disease

Dr. Lisa Dorn-Biology and Microbiology-Plant genetic response to environmental change

Dr. Arlene Haffa-Chemistry-Responses of photosynthetic marine microbes to environmental change

Dr. Beatrice Holton-Biology and Microbiology-Regulation of tension across sheets of avian (bird) cells

Dr. Wing Huen-Computer Science-Software algorithms for analysis of biomarkers

Dr. Toivo Kallas-Biology and Microbiology-Protein chemistry of electron transport during photosynthesis

Dr. Greg Kleinheinz-Biology and Microbiology-Source tracking of microbes that contaminate lakes of Wisconsin

Dr. Todd Kostman-Biology and Microbiology-Calcium regulation in plants

Dr. Colleen McDermott-Biology and Microbiology-Identification of environment-specific Bacteroides strains by DNA sequence

Dr. Tom Naps-Computer Science-Animations depicting bioinformatics algorithms

Dr. Jim Paulson-Chemistry-Protein chemistry changes during the cell cycle and mitosis

Dr. Dana Vaughan-Biology and Microbiology-Changes in the ground squirrel retina from winter hibernation to summer euthermia

Funded Summer Opportunities

NSF-Research Experiences for Undergraduates


Merck AAAS

McNair Scholars Program

Faculty/Undergraduate Collaborative Research Program


All three departments have many internship possibilities that can be arranged between local industries and UW Oshkosh.  The internship directors are

Biology and microbiology:

Dr. Greg Kleinheinz (for microbiology and cell biology internships)
Department of Biology and Microbiology; (920) 424-1100

Dr. Bob Stelzer (for ecology and organismal biology internships)
Department of Biology and Microbiology; (920) 424-0845 (link to website)


Computer Science:

Dr. Tom Naps (for computer science internships)
Department of Computer Science; (920) 424-1388

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