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Eligibility, Application and Admission

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Application Form DEADLINE IS MARCH 23, 2012 (pdf)


To be eligible for this program, you must          

  • be a US citizen, US national or alien admitted as a refugee or alien lawfully admitted to the US for permanent residence
  • have financial need.  As part of preparing for college, many students will apply (in January or February of their senior year) for federal assistance through the FAFSA program.  Based on your financial situation, FAFSA will determine your level of “need”.  For this program, your “need” must be >$3000.
  • score >25 on the math or science section of the ACT
  • be accepted to University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  • major in biology, microbiology, chemistry or computer science.  Your initial choice is not binding.  It is easy to switch among these four majors, during your first year or two of college.

You should also be willing to study proteomics and functional genomics.  This means that biologists and chemists will take a year of computer science and computer science majors will take a year of biology and chemistry.  Such training will give excellent preparation for post graduate jobs or education.

Application Process

  1. Apply to UW Oshkosh.  For us to gain access to FAFSA information, high school transcripts and ACT scores, you must be an admitted student.
  2. Prepare your PFG Scholars Application Packet.  It should contain
    • A completed application form (pdf)
    • Two letters of recommendation from high school science or math teachers or from mentors who can comment on your ability as a budding scientist.
    • A 1-2 page essay (single-spaced) explaining your interest in and motivation for this program.
  3. Mail the completed application by March 25, 2011.  No electronic submissions, please.


All applications postmarked on or before March 25 will be reviewed.  We will verify ACT information, add transcripts to the packet as well as FAFSA information.  Finalists may be telephone interviewed by the search and screen committee.  Decisions will be made public by late April.

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