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Advising for PFG Scholars

PFG Scholars will receive ample advising at UW Oshkosh.

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Advising by Faculty

We will provide students with as much advising and support as they would like.  Initially, Dr. Bea Holton (for biology and microbiology majors), Dr. Tom Naps (for computer science majors) and Dr. Jim Paulson (for chemistry majors) will serve as advisors.  Throughout the first year, we will meet multiple times with students to discuss their progress, their successes and disappointments.

As students begin to build ties with other faculty through coursework or research projects, they may want to use other faculty as advisors, and this change is encouraged.  Students may have advisors in multiple departments, if desired.

Peer Advising

We will establish a peer mentoring program.  PFG Scholars from the first years will mentor and tutor incoming PFG Scholars so that members of this program form a community and help each other succeed.

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