What resources are available for students who have medical or mental health needs?
Is there health insurance available for students on campus?
How safe is UW Oshkosh?
Who can be contacted if a student has an emergency and will be out of class?
Who can I contact if I need to get an emergency message to my son or daughter?
What is FERPA and how does it effect what information can be released to me regarding my son or daughter?
Who can I refer my son or daughter to, if there is an issue with his or her roommate?
When are University bills due?
What resources are available for students to find information regarding future careers?
What academic advising do you offer?
Where can my son or daughter find information about internships?
Are tutors available?
My student wants to get involved on campus. What student activities are available?
What opportunities are available for studying abroad?
What parking is available on campus?