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Types of Cases

Full Services may include all actions necessary to bring an individual student’s legal problem to final resolution, including advice, consultation, negotiation, legal research, document preparation, and court appearances. Those areas of the law in which full services may be available from OSA Student Legal Service are:

Property Matters, including tenant’s problems, relocation, housing and urban development rights and purchase or sale of non-income producing property.

Contract and Consumer Matters, including review and enforcement of consumer, employment, and insurance contracts; matters pertaining to warranties and defective products or services; creditors’ and debtors’ rights; garnishment and other collection actions.

Domestic Relations and Family Law Matters, including separation and marriage dissolution actions, child custody and support disputes, adoption proceedings and name changes.

Tort Defense, including debt and loan payment counseling services that will be available in conjunction with other University student service offices.

Administrative Agency Matters, including unemployment compensation rights, veterans’ and civil service benefits.

Employment Grievances

Small Claims and Traffic Court Matters, including representation proceedings at the discretion of the lawyer assigned to the case.

Criminal Legal Matters, including petty misdemeanors, moving traffic violations and misdemeanors.


Document Actions

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