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Executive Branch

Executive Board

The membership of the OSA Executive Board consists of the President, Vice President, Vice President Pro-Tempore, Speaker of the Assembly, Speaker Pro-Tempore of the Assembly and the OSA Office Manager. The Vice President chairs the weekly Student Senate meetings and the Speaker of the Assembly chairs the weekly Assembly meetings.

The Executive Board meets bi-weekly and this meeting is chaired by the President.


Directors serve at the discretion of the President and Vice President of OSA and the composition of the Directors often changes from year to year based on the issues that are being addressed by OSA. Directors' position are chosen to focus on a  specific area of interest of OSA and work to become specialized in a particular facet or pressing issue on campus and provide indepth information to the OSA Senate and Assembly in matters that Assembly Representatives or Senators may not have the time to research.

Please note descriptions of responsibilities for Directors are being revised and will be posted soon.

Directors meet bi-weekly in meetings chaired by the Executive Director


OSA has many Committees that fulfill various functions on campus and every committee can be categorized in three different ways.

All University Committees

These committees are appointed by the Chancellor.  They require committed students who are able to attend all meetings.  These students will have the opportunity to meet and network with influential staff and faculty members on the UW Oshkosh campus


OSA Committees

These are committees that OSA organizes.  They usually meet a couple times a year, give students leadership experience, and are a lot of fun to sit on.


Presidential Committees

These committees involve an interview by the OSA President for students who are interested in sitting on these committees.  They require attendance of all meetings and dedication.  Students sitting on these committees will gain valuable experience and gain strong networks with other faculty and staff.

To find more information about specific committees, visit our committee page here



Jordan Schettle

Position: OSA President
College: COLS 
Email Address: osapres@uwosh.edu

Graham Sparks


Position: OSA Vice President
College: COLS 
Email Address: osavp@uwosh.edu

Lindsey Newhauser


Position: OSA Vice President Pro-Tempore
College: COLS 
Email Address: osavppt@uwosh.edu

Nicole Lehto


Position: OSA Speaker of Assembly
College: COLS 
Email Address: osaspeaker@uwosh.edu

Austyn Boothe


Position: OSA Speaker PT of Assembly
College: COLS 
Email Address: osaspeakerpt@uwosh.edu

Rae Ann Wetzel


Position: OSA Office Manager
Email Address: wetzelr@uwosh.edu

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