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  • Academic Computer Users Group
    • Academic Computer Users Group is an advisory group to the Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment and Information Services to address issues regarding the use of technology for instruction, research, and support services.
  • Academic Policies General Education Sub-committee
  • Academic Policy Committee
  • Advisory Council for Academic Advising
    • To provide guidance and support to the Director of Advising and to provide the university community information and support around issue of academic advising.
  • Affirmative Action Council
    • To provide guidance and support services to individuals, units, departments, the director of affirmative action, and the administration of the University.
  • Alcohol and Other Drug Awareness Committee
    • The AODA Committee works within the campus and through out the community regarding alcohol use/abuse.
  • Allocations Appeal Committee
  • Allocations Committee
    • This committe reviews funding requests and makes recommendations to the Chancellor on the disbursement of the allocable portion of student segregated fees.
  • American Democracy Project
  • American Disabilities Act Committee
    • This committee will evaluate existing programs, investigate unmet needs, and make recommendations to the Coordinator of Services to Students with Disabilities, and the administration of the University. The committee will have specific responsibility for hearing disability related students grievances.
  • Chancellor's Award for Greek Excelence
  • Classroom Modernization Committee
  • Differential Tuition Finance Committee
    • This committee to govern the usage of Differential Tuition funds.
  • Differential Tuition Program Committee
  • Distinguished Teaching Award Committee
    • This committee oversees the nomination and selection process for the Distinguished Teaching Award.
  • Diversity Council
    • To provide visionary leadership that is strongly supportive of this University’s commitment to diversification of the campus community. More specifically the Diversity Council will: 1. Act as campus-wide conduct and formulator of ideas, emanating from aligned with University’s established diversity plan; 2. Enlist support for implementing projects addressing the goals of this plan; 3. Develop strategies for communicating information about ongoing diversity efforts with the campus and; 4. Evaluate the effectiveness, impact and outcomes of the diversity plan.
  • Faculty Senate Committee on the Assessment of Learning
    • This committee coordinates assessment efforts including assessment in verbal and quantitative areas; assessment of general education program; assessment of undergraduate and graduate major programs. Monitor assessment activity including the development of university assessment plan, the development of professional development opportunities related to assessment; and determining budget requirements and advocating budgetary support for assessment activities.
  • Faculty Senate Reconstruction Committee
  • Gender Equity Council
    • This council acts in consultation with the Chancellor to; 1. oversee the development of programs that support goals, objectives and initiatives of Ten-Year Plan addressing women’s issues; 2. Identify persons responsible for implementing this plan; 3. Evaluate the effectiveness of programs designed to accomplish this plan.
  • Get Out The Vote Committee
  • Graduate Council
  • Graduation Class Committee
    • This committee reviews the applications and chooses the most qualified individual to be the Graduation class speaker. This committee also reviews the applications and selects the students for the "Who's Who Award", and the Student Leadership Award.
  • Health and Safety Committee
    • This committee reviews health and safety concerns, work to resolve issues or problems informally where possible, and provide recommendations to the administration. (Note: The committee shall not address any issues which are or may be matters of negation with the Wisconsin Employees Union.)
  • Honorary University Degrees Committee
    • This committee, reviews, considers, and recommends candidates for honorary degrees.
  • Honors and Awards Committee
  • Institutional Review Board for Protection of Human Subjects
    • The committee is responsible for the rights and welfare of human subjects in compliance with current policies issued by the office of Protection from Research Risks, National Institute of Health.
  • Intercollegeiate Athletic
    • The function and powers of the Intercollegiate Athletic Committee as stated in the By-laws are to establish policies and make policy recommendations to the administration and governance groups concerning intercollegiate athletic. The Intercollegiate Athletic Committee will also act as an advisor to the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics.
  • LGBTQ Education and Advocacy Council Committee
    • This committee provides visionary leadership, education, and advocacy necessary to cultivate an equitable, inclusive, and supportive climate for the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh community members of all sexual identities. More specifically the Council will meet four community needs: 1-Educate the University community members about challenges and issues faced by LBGTQ faculty, staff, and students; 2-Affirm the lives, experiences, and presence of LBGTQ faculty, staff, and students at the University; 3-Advocate to ensure an environment of safety, equity, and respect for individuals of all sexual and gender identities; and 4-Evaluate the UW Oshkosh members’ efforts toward these ends including an assessment of the effectiveness, impact, and outcomes of the LBGTQ Education & Advocacy Council.
  • Library Fine/Fees Appeals
    • This committee facilitates appeals of library fines and or/fees assessments filed by library users. It also sets a date and time for the appellant to appear before the Committee to present his/her case. To uphold, deny, or modify appeals, with decisions of the Committee being final.
  • NCA Accreditation Preparation Committee
  • OSA Elections Commission
  • Parking Appeals Committee
    • This committee deals with parking violation appeals.
  • Parking Policy Advisory Committee
  • Pepsi Committee
  • Reeve Advisory Council
  • Resident Halls Parking Appeals Committee
  • Rosebush Professor Review Committee
  • Search & Screen for the Director of the Academic Resource Center
    • This committee is looking to hire the new Director of the Academic Resource Center.
  • Segregated Fees Committee
  • Student Conduct Panel
  • Student Health Advisory Council
  • Student Recreation and Wellness Center Committee
    • This committee works to discuss and finalize a plan for the upcoming building of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.
  • Student Technology Fee
  • Tom Segnitz Leadership Award Committee
  • University Planning Leadership and Needs Council

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