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Dean of Students                                                      who are experiencing extreme distress or engaging in harmful
                                                                      or disruptive behaviors.
Mission Statement
The Dean of Students Office supports the educational                  Orientation Programs
mission of the University by providing students with a variety        Programs for first year, transfer, commuter and non-
of programs, activities and services to promote critical              traditional students.
thinking, an appreciation for diversity, independent growth
and life adjustment skills.                                           Student Allocations/Fee Allocations to Campus Groups
                                                                      A member of the office advises the student allocations board.
Resources for Students                                      
The Dean of Students Office provides general campus information
to students, faculty, family and others. Staff work with students on  Crime Reporting
grievances and complaints, problem-solving and student needs.         The Dean of Students office is responsible for data collection
                                                                      and reporting for the Clery Act, including campus crime
Assistance with Personal and Emergency Situations                     reporting for security and compliance, and the UW System
  Problem-solving                                                     Sexual Assault Report. For more information, please visit our
  Resources and referrals                                             web page and click on Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.
  Withdrawals/drops from courses
  Student/family contact                                              For more information
  Out of class letters                                                Dean of Students Office
                                                                      Dempsey Hall, Room 125
Student Conduct                                                       800 Algoma Blvd.
The Dean of Students Office administers procedures that     
involve student conduct at the University. The University has         (920) 424-3100
high expectations for members of its community. Students
are expected to take responsibility for their actions and                    UW Oshkosh Dean of Students
accept the consequences of those actions.

Disability Services for Students
(Americans with Disabilities Act-ADA)

  Coordinator of accommodations
  Assistive technology
  ADA advisory committee

Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) coalition
Facilitates related policies, providing alternative
activities and connecting with community resources.

Victim Services Coordination
Coordinates services for victims of crimes and
policy violations.

Student At-Risk Response Team (SARRT)
Prevention and early intervention for students

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