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Orientation Week/First Weekend 2017

1. An extended adventurous wandering

2. An intellectual or spiritual quest

3. The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Student




The purpose of Orientation Week and First Weekend, is to welcome you to campus. Both required and optional activities have been planned for students. There are sessions to give information, activities to meet new people, and plenty of time to have FUN!

What to Expect:

The first thing that incoming students can expect, is to spend a significant amount of time in required orientation activities during their first days on campus. There will be required floor meetings on Sunday afternoon, and required sessions all day on Monday and Tuesday morning. There will also be a large number of activities that are not required but have been planned as an opportunity for students to learn about things on campus, meet new people and get involved in campus organizations.

If you're an incoming student you might be worried that you will be sitting through countless hours of people talking at you instead of actually teaching you anything. Your worries are unnecessary because the Orientation Captains are working hard to insure that the sessions are interactive and fun! You can expect to have opportunities to meet new people, work with ideas that may be new to you, and have your individual questions answered.

Orientation Schedule of Events

Orientation Week
is the term given to the first week of class. Starting with move-in-day on Sunday, September 3rd through Sunday, September 10th. The Orientation Week Schedule will give you a closer look at the activities being planned.

Here are some related web sites that you might like to visit, to help you assimilate to campus during the first few weeks...

Titan Athletics - Learn about sports here.

Residence Life - Learn more about living in the residence Halls. This includes services offered and organizations and programs.

Student Organizations - This is a list of student Organizations with web sites. There are lots of different organizations listed, including the Greeks.

Reeve Memorial Union - This is the place on campus for students to meet and have fun. They sponsor many of the events during the First Weekend.

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University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Student Orientation 2017

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