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Advisement and Registration: Information and Dates


To introduce new students to our campus and the college experience.
To assist in choosing a field of study and registering for classes.
To begin the transition to college life.

What to Expect:

Students, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • connect with other new Titans
  • receive one-on-one academic advising from a professional academic advisor,
  • learn about campus resources,
  • register for classes
  • discover what it means to be a TItan

Parents & families have their own orientation program that will take place at the same time as the student program. 

Connect with parents and families of other new first-year students

explore the transition that both you and your student will experience

student success resources available to your student


2018 Advisement and Registration/Titan Takeoff Dates

May Dates
June Dates
Wednesday, May 16 Wednesday, June 13
Thursday, May 17
Thursday, June 14
Friday, May 18
Friday, June 15
Saturday, May 19
Saturday, June 16
Tuesday, May 22
Wednesday, May 23
Thursday, May 24
Friday, May 25


Questions about your Advisement & Registration date:
(i.e. what is your date and date changes) should be directed to:

Nicole Jackson, Admissions Office
(920) 424-3079


You must be available to participate in the entire day (approximately 7:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). Do not choose a day when you have a school activity, athletic event, or work commitment that requires you to leave early.


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The following are links of places that students visit during the course of their day.  Click on these offices to receive additional information about the services they offer:

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Career Services
Cashier's Office
Counseling Center
Dean of Students Office
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