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As a young girl Rose C. Swart made a small bookmark that read simply, "Think of Me". The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has great reason to think of and remember Rose Swart. A member of the faculty of the Oshkosh Normal School for 51 years, Miss Swart gave her life to this school, to the thousands of teachers she helped train, and through their careers, to tens of thousands of children across the state and country. She gave her name to this University as it still adorns Swart Hall on campus. She was a state leader in education and a champion for the labor interests of instructors throughout Wisconsin.

Rose C. Swart, 1875
Rose C. Swart, 1875
Pages of the 1898 school annual read:

"There are a few names which could not be blotted from the roll of the faculty of this school without changing in a most marked degree all that the institution stands for, past, present, and future. Among those, no name is spoken with highest respect and reverence more frequently than that of Rose C. Swart."

A young Rose Swart put it simply when she asked us, "Think of Me".

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