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International Phone Calls

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Dial 9 (off campus number) - 011 (for dialing outside of the U.S.) - country code - city code - local phone number

Click here to find country and city codes.


If you receive a phone number from abroad which doesn't already include the country and city codes, it may include a zero as the first number. In this case, you generally need to drop the initial zero.

In other cases, you may need to add numbers. Example: Placing a call to Mexico City

8 - 011 - 52 (country code) - 55 (city code) - 5 - 278-2254 (local number)

In Mexico City, the local number is 7 digits long. However, when calling that number from outside of Mexico, an additional '5' must be added in front of the local number, making that number 8 digits long.


This page was last updated on: January 3, 2012