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Tomomi - Blog 5

In this blog you will read about Tomomi's experiences in her classes, talking to her professors, and saying good-bye to her new friends.

Classes & Good-Bye

During the last five weeks of the spring semester, I was very busy with exams, papers, and assignments, so I just couldn’t wait for the semester to be over. Now, once the semester is over, I miss going to classes and studying at the library a little bit. :) Since I was not a four-year student but an exchange student, I was able to pick any classes I wanted to take. I took pit classes which had over hundreds of students and were usually general education, middle-sized classes which had about 50 people, and small-sized classes which had around 20 students and were advanced classes.  I remember I was very nervous in classes for first few weeks of the semester.

On the first day of every class, what I did was walk to the professor and introduce myself because I was not confident with my English. I always told them I was an exchange student and asked them if they would give me help if I was in need. After doing that, I felt more comfortable going to classes and talking to my professors. All of my professors were always happy to help me, and one of them was especially understanding about my situation and cared about me a lot. So, if you feel nervous about your classes, don’t be afraid to talk with your professors.

Besides your professors, there are tutors who can help you with your study. A list of tutors will show up online right before the semester starts, so you can find tutors for your classes if you want. If you cannot find any tutors for your class on the list, you can ask people to find them. When you have paper as an assignment, I encourage you to go to the Writing Center before the due date. People working at the Writing Center have a wide vocabulary and can help you to write much better paper. Also, I have heard there is a note taker in class, who is good at taking notes and offer their notes for other students. It would be nice to use their notes to understand the lecture deeper. If you feel nervous about study, don’t be worried too much because there are always people who can help you. You pay money to get a great education at UWO, so take advantage of every chance!!

ISA Good-Bye Party

This is my last blog. I wish I could have given you more useful information, but I hope this will help you even a little. Actually, I’m already home and finishing this blog now. Saying good-bye to my friends and leaving my second home, Oshkosh, were the hardest things I have ever had to do. I am very sad that I can’t get back my life in Oshkosh anymore, but I am very, very thankful for the best experience in my life. I still wish I could go back to UWO next semester, but I need to keep going forward.  I really hope you have a great time in America and UWO!! Thank you very much for reading. :)

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