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Tomomi - Blog 4

In this blog you will read about Tomomi's suggestions for eating and enjoying American food on and off campus.


Before I came to America, one of the things I was most worried about was FOOD. My images of American food were hamburgers, pizza, hamburgers, and pizza. I don’t eat those foods very often when I’m in my country, so I was very worried if I could adjust American food. When I told people that I was an international student, many Americans asked me if I liked American food. The answer was always “Well…it’s okay”. That’s because, speaking of American food, I only knew the food I ate on campus.

I had a meal plan, so I usually ate at cafeteria on campus. Blackhawk and Reeve are two main cafeterias you will go eat. They actually have many varieties of food you can choose such as burgers, pasta, pizza, meat, salad, sandwiches, fruits, and ice cream. So, if you want to eat healthy, it’s possible, and if you feel like eating junk food, it’s totally possible. And, if you have 15 or 21 meal plan, you have regular meals and some flex meals. It was confusing for me at first. You will usually use regular meals at Blackhawk on weekdays and at Reeve on Friday nights and weekends since Blackhawk is closed after 2pm on Fridays.

Besides Blackhawk and Reeve, you can use meal plans at Scotty's, which is located on the first floor of Scott hall. It’s closer to Gruenhagen than Blackhawk and it’s opened until midnight so people often go there when they don’t have enough time to sit and eat or when they are hungry at night. Flex meals have flexibility, so you can use them anywhere and anytime. I usually used them to eat salad at The Garden Toss in Reeve when I was sick of greasy food. It is nice because you can make your own favorite salad by choosing toppings and dressing for salad. I also used flex meals at MiTaza Coffeehouse in Reeve when I felt like studying over coffee. They serve Starbucks coffee that you can choose one drink and one side such as donut, bagel, cookie, or fruit. One of the academic buildings called Sage also has Starbucks though they don’t accept flex meals.

When I was really, really sick of food on campus, I often went to Chinese restaurant, Thai restaurant, and bagel store which are across the street from Gruenhagen. Also, there were several days that I couldn’t use meal plans or all dining places were closed because of holidays, so I sometimes ate some instant foods that I got from Walmart or my parents sent me.

During my stay in America, I didn’t miss my family and friends back home that much, but I missed my home country’s food very much. My international friends often said the same thing, so it will be nice to bring some of your favorite foods you think you will miss with you. The funny thing is that I heard people missed Blackhawk food once school was over and they went back home. :) The time you can stay in America is limited, so please enjoy American food.

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