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Tomomi - Blog 3

In this blog you will read about Tomomi's suggestions for where to go and what to during the different breaks and vacations.

Breaks & Vacations

I am writing this blog on the second week of interim of the spring semester (2013). Most of my international friends already went back to their countries right after the semester, and many Americans went home too. Now, the dorm is quite dead, and I miss all of my friends who already left very much. Although I am not taking interim, I’m still staying in the dorm. The best part of it is that I don’t need to study, and I can just enjoy the weather outside because I remember I was always stressed out about studying during session. Both the fall semester and the spring semester were tough for me in terms of study, but I made it through them thanks to the BREAK!!! It is always nice to take a break from studying and have fun. We had three big breaks: Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break. I will write about how my friends and I spent those breaks, so I hope this will help you plan something fun.

Thanksgiving Break
Thanksgiving Break was the first big break during the fall semester, so everybody was so excited. I went to Minnesota with my friends. On Thanksgiving Day, we walked around St. Paul city….it was the worst idea. All stores, restaurants, coffee shops, EVERYTHING was closed on that day. We ended up eating at an  expensive restaurant and staying at the hotel, so please keep in mind that most stores are closed on this day. I warned you! :)  We had a good time at the biggest shopping mall in America which is called Mall of America though.

St. Paul, Minnesota

Many of my international friends went to Chicago. Chicago is a very beautiful city, and it’s only three hours away from Oshkosh. There are so many things to see, so I recommend that you go there at least once or twice. I know some of my friends enjoyed the traditional American Thanksgiving Day with their American friends. Some people, of course, just stayed at the dorm and relaxed.

Bean in Chicago

Winter Break
Winter Break is long if you don’t take interim. Some exchange students went back  home right after the semester, and some went home after the trip. I spent a good time during Christmas at my friend’s house, and after that went to New York, Washington D.C., and Boston with my friends. One of the good experiences for me was to go to the countdown at the Times Square on New Year’s Day. We just stood and waited for 8 hours with people from all over the world. If I had a chance, I would never do that again though it was crazy and fun.

Times Square, New Year's EveBrooklyn Bridge

It started snowing after the fall semester ended, so I enjoyed playing in the snow a few times, but it was freezing outside. I usually stayed at the dorm and hung out with my friends during the Winter Break.

Spring Break
Spring Break is about a week at the end of March. Some of my friends got out of freezing Wisconsin and went to California. It was called SPRING Break, but it snowed a lot this year. I was actually so tired of traveling somewhere far away from the past experiences that I just hung out with my friends at the dorm and enjoyed being lazy most of the time. At the end of the break, I went to Wisconsin Dells which is an hour and half away by car from Oshkosh. There is the biggest inside water park and it has many kinds of slides. I could have stayed there all week. It was so much fun that you should check it out. :)

If you plan a trip somewhere, you should book hotels and tickets as soon as possible. Especially finding a reasonable hotel in New York at the end of the year is not easy at all. I hope you will enjoy the break while you are in the states. Study hard, play hard!!

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