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Tomomi - Blog 2

In this blog you will read about Tomomi's suggestions for what to bring from home and what to buy in the U.S.


Before I came to Oshkosh, I really didn’t know how to pack everything I would need in two small suitcases, and I had no idea what to bring. How many clothes should I pack? What kind of outfits should I bring for winter? Should I bring some food I will miss? Will my hair dryer work in the states? I remember I had so many questions in my mind.

You don’t need to be worried if you forget to bring something or if you can’t pack everything you want to bring with you. You can buy daily necessities at Target and Walmart where you can go by bus. You can get clothes and shoes at the Outlet mall in Oshkosh and Fox River Mall in Appleton. This is true. But, to be honest, in my case, I couldn’t bring many clothes, and now I think I should’ve brought as many clothes as possible because it was not easy for me to find clothes I really, really like here. So I needed to ask my parents to send me winter coats and clothes when it got chilly, and it ended up costing of over $150 for shipping.

Here is the list of what I bought in America and what I should’ve brought. I hope these will help you think about what to pack.

UW Oshkosh sweatshirts

I never go to class wearing a sweatshirt in my home university, but many UWO students wear a school sweatshirt and sweatpants. When it rains, it is nice to use a hood (from the sweatshirt) instead of an umbrella. I don’t know why but people here don’t usually use an umbrella even when it’s raining hard. :)


There is a gym on campus which is usually open until midnight. I used to go there very often to lose weight.  So if you like to work out, you better bring some sportswear and shoes.

Cell phone

I bought a cell phone here which was about $55, and I pay $35 a month for unlimited internet access and text and 300 minutes for calls. Some of my friends bought a cheap phone here for making calls and use their phone that they brought from their home country for only the Internet because Wi-Fi is available in many buildings on campus. Some people bought SIM cards and use their phone, but I don’t know how it works.

Oshkosh in Winter


I bought comfy boots for the long winter in Wisconsin. Many female students wear boots in winter though males just wear sneakers.


It was not that cold in the fall semester, but it was freezing since the winter break started, so I recommend that you  have warm winter coats and clothes. Many American students wear North Face jackets.

Hair dryer

It's cheap. Buy it in America.  :)

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