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The Intensive English Program at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is an intensive program for learning the English language, general literacy and study skills, as well as academic skills and strategies for coping with academic culture in a US classroom. Students should anticipate a challenging yet realistic workload.

While IEP teachers attempt to make learning fun, they also expect you to feel the demands of university life in the United States.


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As a student in the UW Oshkosh Intensive English Program, students promise to:

• Come to classes routinely. 
• Take responsibility for their English language learning.
• Treat fellow students with respect and work cooperatively when learning.
• Participate in classes to the best of their ability by volunteering to contribute in a cooperative and responsible way.
• Take advantage of learning resources, tutoring and conversation partners.
• Communicate with their IEP teachers and the program coordinator when they need help or they are having difficulties.
• Try to use English as much as they can in class and on campus,  because in order to learn a language you have to use a language!

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