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Course Descriptions

Writing & Grammar for Academic Purposes

This course focuses on the fundamentals of writing successfully in an academic setting:  spelling, punctuation, topic development, paragraphing and simple organizational patterns, the steps in the writing process, and research methods.  Writing includes controlled exercises and grammatical forms which review the common writing projects and rhetorical styles assigned and used in an academic context.

Reading & Vocabulary for Academic Purposes

In this class students are introduced to the kinds of reading that they can expect to find in their college courses. Course materials include college textbook  material, newspaper and journal articles, essays, a full-length unabridged novel, short stories and poetry. Students develop and practice critical reading strategies such as inferencing, skimming, scanning and summarizing. Students respond to readings through writing, discussions and oral reports. While developing their ability to read with increased comprehension and speed, students also expand their vocabulary by systematically identifying and practicing words and word combinations particularly important in university writing and speech.

 Media/IT:  US Culture Studies and Current Events

This course is an interactive, task-based, integrated skills approach to language learning.  Students use information presented in English in different media on the themes of education, politics, and the environment as springboards for their oral and written work in class.  Students use the medium of information technology to explore American culture(s) and develop the appropriate English language needed to speak and act comfortably in a different culture by sharing cultural thoughts, notions, and experiences, and comparing these with the behaviors, customs, and everyday situations presented in media extracts.

 Pronunciation and Listening for US Classrooms

This course promotes clear pronunciation and intelligibility for effective communication with a focus on comprehensibility to appropriate native-like target pronunciation. This course teaches English language learners to hear, identify, and clearly articulate the sounds and patterns in spoken English in order to speak accurately and persuasively.  Instruction emphasizes grammatical precision and appropriate use of vocabulary in narrating, describing, explaining, stating and supporting an opinion, hypothesizing, and expressing needs, hopes and desires.  Students will also practice identifying and producing the stress, rhythm, and intonation used in common academic discourse.

Speaking and Presentations for Academic Purposes

This course is intended to equip English language learners with the pragmatic and linguistic tools necessary to communicate more effectively in English. The course is designed to provide them with meaningful oral communication practice and speaking solutions toward the improvement of discussion, presentation, and active listening skills.

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