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Program Overview


The UW Oshkosh Intensive English Program (IEP) can help you build the English skills you need to succeed in a variety of careers and courses of study through active learning. Classes are available at several levels of English proficiency.

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Student-centered approach to learning

IEP instructors guide, assess, and provide feedback on your use of the English language as you participate in discussions, deliver oral presentations, investigate American culture, critique fellow classmates, and write and revise papers.  You will not only learn English; you will also discover how to learn effectively in an academic arena.

Integrated English Skill Development

While each course at our IEP establishes a particular focus on English language learning, every course integrates all the English skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening, and grammar) to provide you with more comprehensive English language training and practice.  This intensive study offers routine opportunities to use English in an intellectually challenging and culturally enlightening environment. In this way, you learn, practice, and develop the English you need to succeed at a university or in a career.

Learn in a multicultural environment

IEP students come from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, so you will often discuss and explore  diverse issues in English. You and your fellow classmates are encouraged to consider multiple perspectives, establish an appreciation for each other’s cultural orientations, and strive for measured and informed conclusions as you would in an academic context or global community.

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Program Content - Using the English Language

As a new student, you will be placed in courses at your proficiency level where you can learn in a cooperative and confidence-building environment.  You will have 19 hours per week of intensive language instruction and organized language learning activities.

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