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Co-curricular Activities


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An important part of language learning is practicing your English outside the classroom.  You may do this by joining the many fun activities and field trips offered each month at our IEP. Students are encouraged to participate in these activities to make new friends and relax from their studies.  Participating in activities allows students to socialize with their classmates, practice English, and learn about American culture while having fun!


Our students participate in a Conversation Partners Program in which UW Oshkosh students meet IEP students for weekly conversation exchanges.

There are three field trips each semester to places and events in the Oshkosh area. We go to popular restaurants, historic sites, recreational/nature areas, tourist attractions, local sporting events, museums, performing arts centers, ethnic neighborhoods, and other interesting places. 


There are also many opportunities to join in extra-curricular activities, clubs, student organizations with other international students as well as Americans.

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