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Teaching for Wisconsin in Scotland

What is Wisconsin in Scotland?

The Wisconsin in Scotland program brings UW students from around the System for a semester or summer of study under University of Wisconsin and University of Edinburgh professors. Students and UW professors live and hold class in Dalkeith House, an 18th century manor house known to the Scots as Dalkeith Palace and located just outside Edinburgh. The program includes planned extracurricular activities to acquaint students with various facets of British culture, history, politics, and daily life plus course-related field trips, House field trips, time for independent travel around Scotland or Europe, an internship (semester only) and a friendship family (semester only). All in one incredible package!

Teaching in Scotland

All faculty teaching in Scotland offer one course. All students must enroll in a second course (Scottish Culture Colloquium; HU) for a total of six credits.

WIS facilities offer minimal support in terms of technology and equipment. Basically, rooms have student desks/chairs and a place where the professor can write (usually a chalkboard).

The summer session lasts six weeks; faculty who teach over this session must commit to the full six weeks.

The WIS program arranges all accommodations, meals, transportation to/from the Edinburgh airport (for those who arrive via the group flight), and house field trips. Faculty are responsible for teaching their course.


Faculty travel costs, accommodation and most meals at Dalkeith House are covered by the WIS program. Faculty will be required to pay for/prepare the following meals on their own (there are kitchen facilities and a food storage area available): some lunches/dinners (6 total per week) and meals during holidays.

WIS covers faculty salary for summer sessions with an enrollment of 10 students or more.


Faculty live wth students in Dalkeith House but occupy a separate wing of the building. Faculty have private rooms but share bathroom facilities and a lounge area with other faculty.

Arrangements can be made for faculty who will bring a spouse or children. Young children must be accompanied by a caregiver other than the teaching faculty member.

Applying to Teach (summer only)

Before Applying...

Review our Study Abroad/Away Orientation & Guide. This guide provides a checklist for faculty offering or thinking about offering a faculty-led program. Much of the information will also be helpful to faculty teaching for Wisconsin in Scotland.

Talk with other faculty who have led programs. Faculty contact details are available from each of their program web pages, linked from Destinations!.

Applying to Lead a Program

  1. Make an appointment with the OIE Director.
  2. Complete the Application to Teach – Wisconsin in Scotland (summer only).

The OIE will review the completed application, forward the names of all faculty or instructional academic staff members involved to the Affirmative Action Office and forward the application, along with a written recommendation on approval or denial, to the Provost for final signature. The Provost makes final determinations as to whether an application is accepted or denied.

If approved, the OIE will work with you to create a web page and flyer for your program.

NOTE: New programs must be approved by the Provost and Vice Chancellor before they can be advertised to students as official UW Oshkosh programs. This does not, however, prohibit program leaders from talking to students about the possibility of offering such a program and asking for feedback from students. Programs which are offered regularly will be advertised to students all year round as standing programs.

Application Deadline (summer only)

Applications should be submitted as soon as you are ready to commit to the program in order to give enough time to develop marketing materials and advertise to students. The application deadline is the last Friday in February.

Faculty Orientation

All faculty leading student programs are required to attend a faculty orientation. Topics include a detailed explanation of travel documents, insurance, finances, communicating with campus, emergency response plans, rights & responsibilities, and liability.


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August 19, 2013