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Study Abroad Application Deadline (STEPs I & II) Nursing in India, Junior II Medical/Surgical Clinical: Friday, April 11 at noon

Study Abroad Orientation Quiz for Spring Interim, Summer, and Fall Semester Trips is due by noon on Friday April 11th, see your program guide for details!

OPTIONAL Family Orientation for Spring Interim, Summer, and Fall Semester Trips: Saturday, April 12 from 9am-1pm, location TBA



Assessment Tools

Value of Study Abroad


International Professor Exchange




Contribute to the Forum on Education Abroad’s Curriculum Project


  • Assessing Student Outcomes: Performance Assessment Using the Dimensions of Learning Model (1993; Available from the Office of International Education Resource Library)
  • Guidelines for College and University Linkages Abroad (Available from the Office of International Education Resource Library)
  • Short-Term Study Abroad: Integration, Third Culture Formation, and Re-entry (1996; Available from the Office of International Education Resource Library)
  • Abroad by Design: Keys to success for any program abroad (Available from Polk Library)
  • Assessment of Programs and Services for International Educational Exchange at Post secondary Institutions: Self-Study Guide (Available from Polk Library)
  • Assessing Student Outcomes of Internationalization (Available from Polk Library)
  • Building Better English Language Programs (Available from Polk Library)
  • Building Bridges: A Manual on Including People with Disabilities in International Exchange Programs (Available from Polk Library)
  • Do's and Taboos of Hosting International Visitors (Available from Polk Library)
  • Educating Americans for a World in Flux: Ten Ground Rules for Internationalizing Higher Education (Available from Polk Library)
  • Financial Aid for Study Abroad: A Manual for Advisers and Administrators (Available from Polk Library)
  • Internationalization of the Business Curriculum (Available from Polk Library)
  • Internationalizing the Undergraduate Curriculum: A Handbook for Campus Leaders (Available from Polk Library)
  • Towards Transnational Competence: Rethinking International Education (A U.S.-Japan Case Study) (1997) (Available from Polk Library)
  • World Within Reach (A pre-departure orientation resource for exchange and education abroad programs) (video, 1995 plus User's Guide) (Available from Polk Library)


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October 18, 2013