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Upcoming Events:

Study Abroad Application Deadline (STEPs I & II) Nursing in India, Junior II Medical/Surgical Clinical: Friday, April 11 at noon

Study Abroad Orientation Quiz for Spring Interim, Summer, and Fall Semester Trips is due by noon on Friday April 11th, see your program guide for details!

OPTIONAL Family Orientation for Spring Interim, Summer, and Fall Semester Trips: Saturday, April 12 from 9am-1pm, location TBA

Group Programs Abroad/Away

What are Group Programs Abroad/Away?

Group Programs Abroad/Away are study abroad or U.S.-based diversity-related group programs whereby a UW Oshkosh professor or instructor takes a group of students off-campus for credit. The professor accompanies the group throughout the stay or for the beginning of the stay.

Study Abroad/Away Orientation & Guide

To learn more about group programming abroad and to apply, see the Study Abroad/Away Orientation & Guide.


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March 11, 2013