UW Oshkosh

Universidad del Pacífico, Peru

: Jesús María neighborhood - Lima - Peru
Dates: mid-Mar to mid-Jul; early Aug/late Jul - mid-Dec
Courses: in Spanish in accounting, admin, econ, humanities, math, political science, social science
Accommodation: apartment
Program Model: Student Exchange
Contact: Marianne Johnson, Sage 2414, 424-2230; Ralph Gunderson, Sage 2410, 424-7151


Universidad del Pacífico (UP) is a private university specializing in the areas of economics, business administration and accounting. In the past three decades, UP has ranked as the most prestigious higher education institution in its fields of specialization in Peru, and among the leading institutions of its kind in the Latin American region.

With a student body of approximately 1,900 undergraduates and 400 graduate students, UW Oshkosh students will find themselves in an intimate learning environment that facilitates interaction with professors and fellow students while truly experiencing Peruvian culture and society.

Universidad del Pacifico is located in the heart of Lima, capital of Peru and home to over 8 million of Peru's 27 million inhabitants. Here students will observe architecture stemming from Peru's colonial past among skyscrapers of the 21st century. As a large city, Lima provides students with an extensive array of activities to participate in.



Program Application & Guide
October 19, 2011