UW Oshkosh

University of Nagasaki, Siebold (Japan)

: Nagasaki, Japan
Dates: April - July or September - February
Courses: Courses in the Arts and Sciences
Accommodation: shared apartment
Program Model: Student Exchange
Contact: Office of International Education


University of Nagasaki's (UN) organizing philosophy is based on a "respect for human life and dignity, and the improvement of welfare and international cooperation." UN aspires to give meaningful instruction in specialized areas of the Arts and Sciences, to nurture promising talented people who can meet the current demands of society in our time, and to contribute toward promotion of academic enquiry that focuses on Nagasaki regional area studies, as well as on the region's cultural progress.

The university was founded in April of 1999 as the first national and/or public university in Japan to be named after a foreign national. The university also inherits the tradition of the Nagasaki Prefectural Women's Junior College, located near the site of Siebold's Narutaki juku, which was closed in March 2000.

UW Oshkosh will be given a MAXIMUM OF TWO ENROLLMENTS per academic year.
Therefore, only two UW Oshkosh students will be selected for participation.

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Program Application & Guide
January 22, 2014