UW Oshkosh

Activism, Gender, and Social Justice in Tanzania

Location: Tanzania
Dates: Future Dates TBD
Course: Communication 405; Social Justice 399; Women's Studies 399 (SS)
Accommodation: hotels
Program Model: Faculty-led
Contact: Carmen Heider, A/C S125, 920-424-4422, Liz Cannon, Campus Center for Equity and Diversity 005, 424-3462


Join UW Oshkosh Professors Dr. Carmen Heider and Dr. Liz Cannon for the educational adventure of a lifetime!

EXPERIENCE a culture vastly different from your own.

INTERACT with local people in area communities.

REFLECT on different ways of living and viewing the world.

EXPLORE social justice and gender-related issues.

LEARN about grassroots activism in Northern Tanzania.

DEVELOP and practice intercultural communication skills.

TRAVEL to Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Ngorongoro Crater!

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Program Application & Guide
July 10, 2013