UW Oshkosh

Nationalism & Internationalism in the Heart of Europe

: Krakow, Oswiecim - Poland; Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden - Germany
Dates: May 15 - June 5, 2012
Courses: Political Science 373, 374
Accommodation: hotels
Program Model: Faculty-led
Contact: Tracy Slagter, Sage 4626, 424-7161; Michael Jasinski, Sage 4631, 424-3456


Examine the factors influencing the emergence of the nation-state, the subsequent process of European integration, with particular atention paid to the effects of these changes on the population of Central Europe.

Explore how the EU operates in, is influenced by, and impacts member countries of the south and north differently.

Round out your experience with a full travel itinerary in multiple cities in Poland and Germany!


Program Application & Guide
October 19, 2011