UW Oshkosh

Nursing Community Health Clinical in Nicaragua

Location: Nicaragua
Dates: Dec 28, 2014 - Jan 16, 2015
Course: Nursing 418
Accommodation: host families & dormitory-style guest house
Program Model: Faculty-led
Contact: Patti VanderLoop, N/E 420, 424-1171; Maria Graf, N/E 148H, 424-1028


Complete clinical rotations in Nicaragua!
Compare nursing & healthcare in Nicaragua while on a journey with other UW Oshkosh students and faculty in Managua, Nicaragua and the surrounding area where you will  participate in nursing, community health and health care of a diverse culture! Hands on activities include clients, families and groups of all ages. 
GAIN PERSPECTIVES on international nursing and discover how it differs from national and regional activities; self-reflection!

DEVELOP AN UNDERSTANDING of international health care organizations and agreements and compare to the United States;

UNDERSTAND THE NEED to analyze economic and non-economic factors that may influence health and nursing in foreign countries;

GAIN KNOWLEDGE of alternative ways of structuring nursing organizations,  control procedures and performance evaluations;

ACHIEVE GREATER GLOBAL AWARENESS, especially in relation to developing economic markets; and

GROW PERSONALLY from new awareness of the increasingly complex global environment and from meeting the challenges of living and traveling in other countries.


Program Application & Guide