UW Oshkosh

Reading and Writing in Place: Ireland

Location: Dublin, Sligo, and Galway, Ireland
Dates: Future Dates TBD
Courses: English 225 (HU) (XC), 316 (EN), 350, 357, 550, 557, Liberal Studies 202 (HU) (XC)
Contact: Marguerite Helmers, Radford 226, 920-424-0916


Reading and Writing in Place: Ireland offers students a variety of opportunities to learn about Ireland and the Irish, including how the rich literary history of Ireland grows from its landscape and cultural heritage (English 225, 350, 550). The group will visit places associated with the great writers James Joyce and William Butler Yeats and that inspired them to compose their works. Students will also learn about how the other arts, such as film, music, and storytelling, celebrate Irish culture and history (English 357), and the Irish-American experience will be a focal point of the American Literature (226) section. We will visit the cities of Dublin and Galway, the monastic center of Glendalough, ancient settlements along the Boyne Valley, and the Aran Islands where Irish is still the daily language. Although we will tour, everyone will have sufficient time for contemplation, writing, sketching, and discussion.


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