UW Oshkosh

Approaches to Resource Management of Tropical Ecosystems (Belize)

Travel to various locations throughout Belize.
Dates: January 10 - 26, 2015
Courses: Geology 360; Environmental Studies 395 (SS)
Accommodation: multi-bed rooms
Program Model
: Faculty-led
Contact: Maureen Muldoon, 920-424-3069, Harrington 104, and Jim Feldman, 920-424-3235, Sage 3453


Join a group of UW Oshkosh students as they

EXPLORE the relationship between nature and culture;

EXPERIENCE the diverse ecosystems of Belize;

EXAMINE natural resource management and ecotourism;

PARTICIPATE in ecological observation and field work; and

ENGAGE in critical thinking about environmental issues.



Program Application & Guide
October 19, 2011