UW Oshkosh

Australia and New Zealand

: Choose from 30+ universities in Australia & New Zealand
Dates: Semester, Year, Fall Interim, Summer
Courses: Study in any subject; internship opportunities
Program Model: Affiliate Program with Globalinks
Contact: Office of International Education


Information on this page is provided to UW Oshkosh students only as a synopsis of programming offered by Globalinks and is current as of March, 2011. Check the official Globalinks site for the final word on everything!

Semester or year abroad at 30+ fully accredited universities

Study alongside Australians or New Zealanders!

Take classes in just about any area of study!

Spend a semester or year at one of

25 universities in Australia
9 universities in New Zealand 

Study Internship Combination Programs

Take a part-time load of classes at select Australian or New Zealand universities while undertaking a professional, unpaid internship in your field at a local company.

Internship-only Programs

Professional Development for Academic Credit (PDAC) Internships are 6-credit, unpaid experiences offered over a 10-week period. Placements are available in almost every field of study. This program offers the internship experience only - there is no study component.

Custom-designed internships may also be available for students who cannot participate in the PDAC internship. There is no credit associated with this program; UW Oshkosh students planning to complete a custom-designed internship may be able to enroll for credit at UW Oshkosh.

Apply for a Christianson Grant
(for individuals on work, intern or volunteer abroad programs).

Summer and January Short-Term Programs

Short-term courses offered for credit cover topics related to environmental studies, geography, history, ecology, leadership, marine science, photography, business, film, regional Australian field studies, contemporary performance, tropical marine ecology, tourism & the environment, and aboriginal studies.

Conservation Volunteer Weekend

Join a weekend-long conservation volunteer project offered at a location near your host university. The experience is available to qualified applicants on semester and year abroad programs and is free of charge (includes meals, transport, and accommodation), but you MUST apply during the pre-departure process. (Not currently available for students attending International College of Management, Sydney; there is a cancellation fee if you decide not to participate).

Our Partner

Globalinks "strives to provide students with the highest level of essential services for successful adjustment and integration without adding unnecessary elements that may “Americanize” their experience."

The UW Oshkosh Office of International Education has affiliated with Globalinks because of this organization's commitment to student support. Globalinks provides program selection counseling, pre-departure webinars, in-country and U.S.-based 24-hour-a-day emergency services, in-country Program Introductions (with few exceptions), Volunteer Weekends, semester travel opportunities, and overall pre-departure, during-the-experience and post-experience care.

You will be assigned an Globalinks coordinator who will assist you with class selection, airline tickets, housing, volunteering abroad, applying for a visa and more.


Program Application & Guide
November 19, 2012