UW Oshkosh

Teach in China

: Zhenjiang, JiangSu Province, China
Dates: early July through late August
Course: INTRDISP 399 (internship) or no credit
Accommodation: furnished apartment
Program Model: Affiliate Program with the company Joyful Education
Contact: Office of International Education

Joyful Education-Yorker English Club manages the "JE-YEC-ESL Internship", which is supported financially by the Chinese government. This program can be completed by students who would like to spend a summer teaching English in China, or can be used as a pathway for students who want to teach and live in China after graduation.

During the experience in China, JE-YEC coaches provide support and training. Participants are also assigned an assistant teacher, who works with the intern both inside and outside the classroom.

At the end of the experience, participants receive a certificate from the Chinese government confirming the number of teaching hours completed.

Joyful Education-Yorker English Club is a non-profit organization registered with the Chinese government in Zhenjiang, JiangSu Province. JE-YEC is committed to improving students' and adults’ English speaking skills and to bridging cultures between East and West.


Program Application & Guide