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O’Hare: http://www.flychicago.com/PassengerInformation/AirportMaps.aspx
Milwaukee: http://www.mitchellairport.com/
Minneapolis/St. Paul: http://www.mspairport.com/maps.aspx
Outagamie County (Appleton): http://www.atwairport.com/

airplaneBulletPointApplication Forms

Course Transfer Advising Form

Graduate Registration Form and Graduate Special/Non-Degree Information Form

Recommendation Forms

Special Student Undergraduate Application and Registration Form

Transfer Credit Prior Approval form

airplaneBulletPointFinancial Aid, Student Accounts & Money

Currency Converter

Currency Exchange at O'Hare Airport

Direct Deposit
log onto TitanWeb, select "Finances", select "Direct Deposit", select "Direct Deposit" again (in the column on the left), select "continue" and then follow the instructions to enter your bank routing number and bank account number.


Financial Aid Consortium Agreement

Global VISA ATM locator
Global MasterCard ATM locator

Global American Express ATM locator

Notice of Financial Aid Award for Study Abroad

Power of Attorney (form available in person from Student Affairs office)

Program Fee Statement

Study Abroad Financial Aid Application

Summer Financial Aid Application (becomes available in early April)

UW System Study Abroad Grant Application

airplaneBulletPointHealth & Safety

Center for Disease Control

Consular Affairs Brochures

Country-specific Information, Travel Alerts and Travel Warnings (http://travel.state.gov/)

Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI)

Emergency Communication Form

English-speaking doctors

International Travel Clinic

U.S. State Department Travel Registration

airplaneBulletPointOrientation Materials

Orientation Quiz


Academic Leave of Absence

DPI Requirement Form

Foreign Embassies in the U.S.

Foreign Entry Requirements

Incomplete Grades Application to Request an extension to a COLS course deadline

International Studies 333 syllabus

Japanese Customs Regulations

Packing List - Sample

Packing List - USA Summer Camp

Packing List - Wisconsin in Scotland

Study Abroad Ambassador Team (SAAT) Sign-up

U.S. Department of Homeland Security's list of prohibited items

USPS: international mailing

UW Oshkosh Academic Calendar


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