UW Oshkosh

USA Summer Camp (Japan)

: multiple locations throughout Japan
Dates: early July through mid-/late August
Course: INTRDISP 399 (internship) or no credit
Accommodation: prefectural buildings; hotels; host families
Program Model: Affiliate Program with the company Guy Healy, Japan
Contact: Office of International Education


Camp Counselor and Cultural Immersion Experience in Japan

USA Summer Camp is an English language camp for Japanese students, kindergarten-age through college. Each summer Guy Healy, Japan, an education consulting and exchange agency based in Nagasaki and Fukuoka, Japan, recruits over 120 qualified high school and college students from the United States to work as "American camp counselors" (AC's) in Japan as part of the USA Summer Camp program. The AC's stay in Japan for six to seven weeks, depending on the assignment. During this period, AC's work with Japanese students on a variety of English language skills and participate in recreation activities, have meals together and interact through a variety of social activities. When AC's are not working, they spend part of their stay with Japanese host families - the best way to get to know the Japanese culture!

Guy Healy, Japan pays for all of the ACs' expenses (other than shopping, personal trips, and the like - of course). In return, ACs typically work 9 camp sessions of 3 days each.

USA Summer Camp typically runs in about seven different locations. The original Nagasaki team continues to run independently and is not supported by JTB (Japan Travel Bureau). The other five to six teams are supported by JTB and are located in: Tokyo (2), Osaka, Nagoya, Kita Kyushu, and Kumamoto.

Our Partner - Guy Healy, Japan

UW Oshkosh has been working with Guy Healy, Japan on international programming for over 20 years. UW Oshkosh has hosted Japanese students on Guy Healy, Japan programs and has been sending UW Oshkosh students as camp counselors to USA Summer Camp since 2001.

Guy Healy, Japan, together with Japan Travel Bureau (JTB), operate USA Summer Camp. The role of the UW Oshkosh OIE is to identify select students to participate as camp counselors for the program and to make recommendations to Guy Healy, Japan.


Studying abroad has been a defining expeience in my life. I've always been interested in traveling, but being able to completely dive into a new - and sometimes frightening - experience has challenged and enlightened me more than I could have ever hoped. I feel that not only have I become more culturally competent, but I also have the tools to do anything and go anywhere in my life. I can't imagine my college experience without my experience in Japan.

Erin Rammer, 2007


Program Application & Guide
March 22, 2014