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Educators Abroad Student Teaching (EAST)

: locations worldwide
Dates: placement dates vary according to local school calendars
Course: counts towards Student Teaching coursework
Accommodation: varies by placement
Program Model: Direct Enroll through a Provider (EAST)
Contact: MaryBeth Petesch, Nursing/Education 113, 424-3323


EAST does placements and you meet licensure requirements!

PREPARE yourself to serve the needs of a multiethnic population.

LEARN to teach from a global perspective.

TEACH abroad for ten weeks or more in one of over fifty countries!

Read about Caroline's Student Teaching in Cameroon, Africa in Fall 2012 blog!

*To see the list of locations, follow the link for "forty countries", click on "North American Participants", "Selecting a Placement Location", and "Where can I go?."

Teach your subject area entirely in English, entirely in another language, or in a bilingual (English/Spanish) school.

Educators Abroad Student Teaching (EAST)

Educators Abroad Student Teaching (EAST) is a placement agency which offers prospective teachers the opportunity to develop their teaching abilities and expand their cultural awareness by completing student teaching requirements in countries around the world. UW Oshkosh has affiliated with EAST, allowing UW Oshkosh students to complete part of their student teaching requirement abroad while meeting licensure requirements in Wisconsin.

Teaching opportunities are currently open to students in all liberal arts disciplines, in technical and vocational education, and in several fields of special education. Students who would like to teach in other subject areas should contact the OIE for up-to-date placement options before beginning the application process. Classroom and supervisory teaching assignments are made consistent with each student's proposed teaching area/s.

EAST supports students using a network of professionals trained by EAST in the U.S. The UW Oshkosh COEHS Office of Field Experiences and Office of International Education provide additional support. Following is a list of support professionals and their roles and related responsibilities. The role and responsibilities of the Student Teacher have been included here as well.


COEHS Office of Field Experiences at UW Oshkosh

coordinates all field experiences for COEHS; approves applicants for student teaching abroad; provides endorsement on all teaching and education administration licenses


Office of International Education at UW Oshkosh

coordinates application and payment processes on the UW Oshkosh campus and through EAST; offers advising/orientation


EAST in the U.S.

coordinates the placement process with Placement Directors abroad.


EAST Country Placement Coordinator Abroad

selects an appropriate Cooperating School. The Coordinator is responsible for confirming your placement location and dates, including holidays or school breaks during your placement.  You will communicate directly with your Coordinator as your application is considered by a potential host school.  *In some cases, your application may be sent directly to a Cooperating School rather than through a Placement Coordinator.


EAST Cooperating Schools

assign the Student Teacher to classrooms and Cooperating Teacher/s consistent with the Student Teacher's proposed teaching area/s.


EAST Cooperating Teachers

bring to life the professional aspects of the teaching experience! Share expertise with the Student Teacher, observe activities planned and introduced by the Student Teacher, offer advice regarding effectiveness of teaching and management techniques and provide the support that Student Teacher's often need to maintain their professional and personal well-being during this important period when they are making the transition from Student Teacher to professional educator. In addition, Cooperating Teachers prepare at least three formal written reports based on observations of the Student Teacher and prepare final recommendations, in coordination with EAST Supervisor, for the Student Teacher's credential file.


EAST Supervisor

Once you are accepted by a school, you will be assigned an EAST faculty member to be your student teaching Supervisor. You will communicate directly with your assigned supervisor and the school contacts to share your travel arrangements and to request assistance with accommodation, teaching assignments, and instructional ideas and plans to prepare before traveling. Once you are on site, your Supervisor communicates regularly with you and visits the Cooperating School for at least one full day in a ten-week placement to observe and assess the Student Teacher's performance; responsible for the Student Teacher's professional development; prepares final recommendations, in coordination with Cooperating Teacher/s, for the Student Teacher's credential file. In cases where it is not possible for an EAST Supervisor to personally visit a Cooperating School, a qualified local school head or teacher educator may fill this role. Placements will not be made where adequate supervision cannot be assured.


Student Teacher

communicates with the EAST Supervisor and assigned Cooperating School and uses placement information provided on the EAST password-protected web site to arrange for arrival, accommodation and life in the host community, to plan for teaching assignments, and to learn about Student Teacher responsibilities and program expectations; fulfills teaching assignments and assists in co-curricular and other activities in the school while abroad; pays for travel, room and board while abroad


EAST is open to individuals who have met the pre-student teaching requirements of, and are recommended by, the college through which they are completing their teacher education coursework. The UW Oshkosh COEHS Field Placement Office will consider applicants with a major, minor and cumulative G.P.A. of 3.1 or higher and a professional G.P.A. of 3.25 or higher. Applicants must also have a positive clinical evaluation and faculty approval. 

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