UW Oshkosh

History of Styles in England and Italy

: London, Bath - England; Florence, Venice, Rome - Italy
Dates: May 18-June 7, 2015 (Dates are tentative)
Courses: Theatre 202, 463
Accommodation: student hostels; hotels
Program Model: Faculty-led
Contact: Kathleen Donnelly, A/C W220, 424-7127; Roy Hoglund, A/C W103, 424-7043


EXPLORE the history of architecture, decor and fashion trends in the major historical periods of Western drama through class presentations, museum tours, theatrical performances and visits to historical sights.

BROADEN your knowledge of theatrical production.

DEVELOP a comprehensive understanding of history of period styles.

TRAVEL to London, Bath, Venice, Florence, Rome

This course blends art, history and theatre to better understand the relationship between time periods and styles. The first half of the course, taught at UW Oshkosh, provides a foundation of period styles in preparation for the study tour abroad. Then, set out for London, Bath, Rome, Florence, and Venice during the second half of the course to explore first-hand the period styles at actual sights and museums. Open to all students.

Your instructors for the course will be Roy C. Hoglund and Kathleen Donnelly. Together they teach courses in Theatrical Design, History and Research for Scenic, Costume and Lighting Designers at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.


Program Application & Guide
October 19, 2011