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Summer in England and Scotland

: London, Cambridge, York - England; Dalkeith, Stirling, New Lanark, Edinburgh - Scotland
Dates: June 12 - July 10, 2015 (Dates are tentative)
Course: Economics 409 (SS) and Economics 427 (3 cr)
Accommodation: hotels; Dalkeith House
Program Model: Faculty-led
Contact: Nancy Burnett, Sage 2481, 424-1471; Lee Van Scyoc, Sage 2483, 424-7153


The Summer in England and Scotland trip intertwines coursework on the Social and Economic Development of Great Britain (econ 427) and the Development of Economics (Econ 409). Each student takes both of these upper division courses, enhanced by visits to locations discussed within each course, including visits to London, Stonehenge, Cambridge, Edinburgh, and Stirling. We will visit historical sites like castles as well as modern day businesses such as a working distillery. What makes this trip unique is the ability to visit the places where the course content actually took place. For instance, Edinburgh (and to some extent London) is known world-wide as the location of some of the finest thinkers of the 1700’s who gave birth to what became the discipline of Economics; there is nowhere else on the planet better to understand what these thinkers were seeing and living with during their development of economic concepts and the social development of their society than Scotland and England.

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Program Application & Guide
April 30, 2014