UW Oshkosh

Quest III in Panama

Location: Panama City and Embera Village, Panama
Dates: January 6 - January 14, 2015
Course: Phy Ed 208 (XS)
Accommodation: hotel
Program Model: Faculty-led
Contact: Chris Stratton, Albee 103; 920-424-7130

This course presents the concepts of adventure, outdoor, and recreation education including cooperative and leadership activities. Each student will take part in a civic engagement experience where they will help teach others how to react and respond to a variety of situations they engage in while being physically active. A focus will be placed on the pedagogical aspects of adventure, outdoor, and recreation education and how these activities build community through physical activity as well as the transferable skills of leadership in adventure, recreation, and in the outdoors. Students will have the opportunity to partke in and teach others about leadership while participating in activites such as but not limitied to canoeing, hiking, camping, and snorkeling.


Program Application & Guide