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Lorenzo de' Medici (LdM), Italy

Location: Tuscania, Florence, Rome, and Venice - Italy
Fall: early September through mid-December
Fall interim: January
Spring: late January to mid-May
Summer: there are three one-month sessions

400+ courses in Anthropology; Archaeology; Art History; Biology; Classical Studies; Communications; Culinary and Nutritional Arts; Cultural Studies; Dance; Drawing and Mixed Media; Economics; Environmental Studies; Fashion Design; Film Studies; Film, Video and Multimedia Production; Gender Studies; Geography; Graphic Design; History; History of Architecture; Interior Design; International Business; International Studies; Italian Language and Culture; Jewelry Design; Literature; Mathematics; Music, Cinema and Theatre Studies; Painting; Peace Studies; Philosophy; Photography; Political Science; Printmaking; Psychology; Religious Studies; Restoration and Conservation; Sculpture and Ceramics; Sociology; Writing

Accommodation: student apartments
Program Model
: Direct Enroll
Contact: Office of International Education


Participate on a semester, interim or summer program at Lorenzo de' Medici in Italy - apply to study abroad, use financial aid and make payments through UW Oshkosh!

Why Lorenzo de'Medici (LdM)?

LdM offers HANDS-ON, experiential learning opportunities! The LdM course catalog sums up the experience like this:

"LdM Archaeology students have excavated archaeological sites in central Italy, while those in Art Restoration courses have restored paintings and sculptures, some by the greatest artistic masters of the Renaissance like Beato Angelico, Ghirlandaio, Botticelli, Brunelleschi and Michelangelo. Sculpture students spend time living and working in Carrara, learning the traditional techniques of marble sculpture in professional workshops and visiting the caves where Michelangelo chose the marble for his own masterpieces. Photography students develop their visual skills through immersion in the exquisite beauties of the Tuscan countryside. Fashion students work on commercial projects, meet industry professionals and hold their own fashion shows, while Art, Graphic and Interior Design students exhibit their work. Beyond their culinary classes taught by professional chefs, Culinary Arts students visit small farms where wines, cheeses, and cured meats are still produced by hand."

"Additionally, LdM provides its students with a wide range of housing possibilities, student services, opportunities for travel and recreation, volunteer projects, student clubs and societies, and extra-curricular seminars and public conferences. The School aims to integrate formal university-level learning with an emphasis on personal growth, individual engagement, and community responsibility."


Florence is the ideal destination for those interested in studying Arts and Sciences, Fine Art, Design, or Italian Language and Culture.


Use the city of Rome as your classroom! All courses include on-site classes that allow students to experience the subject matter studied. Classics students learn the deeds of the Ancient Romans walking through the Roman Forum or reading and understanding the Latin inscriptions on Roman monuments. Art History students enjoy the three-dimensionality of the works of art and be overwhelmed by the dynamic effect of Baroque sculpture in St.Peter Basilica.  History students wander the narrow streets of Rome, which still bear the signs of time, and visit Castel S.Angelo, an example of transformation and reuse. Business and Marketing students have access to Italian companies based in Rome. Literature students experience the world of Henry James or John Keats, sipping coffee in the famous Caffè Greco. Cinema students are plunged into the retro atmosphere of La dolce vita, depicted in the famous film, and walk through the settings of many films directed by Federico Fellini. Religious Studies students visit the treasures of Saint Peter and discover the functioning of the world’s smallest and long-lived state: the Vatican City. Art students take inspiration from real masterpieces scattered through the city. All students may participate in social activities organized with Italian students. Read more about the site in ROME!


Tuscania offers integration in the community alongside a curriculum designed to promote the historical, artistic and cultural qualities that make this part of Italy unique. Thus, courses in History and Archaeology focus on the Etruscan, Roman and medieval civilizations, while courses in Culinary Arts reflect Tuscania's connection to the agricultural cycles and traditions of the region. Tuscania is also the proud home of the Tuscania Summer Archaeology Field School.


LdM opened its newest campus in Venice in the Spring of 2009 in collaboration with Istituto Venezia. LdM Venice, or Venezia in the Italian language, offers study abroad students an opportunity to study in an historic setting in the city center's Campo Santa Margherita. Whether you traverse the narrow streets on foot or the canals via vaporetto, you're certain to find yourself transported by the atmosphere that is uniquely Venice.

The LdM Venice semester program features a range of courses in the humanities and studio arts, with an emphasis on Italian language and on the rich artistic resources of the city of Venice. In accordance with LdM's commitment to ensuring students' successful intercultural interactions, students will enroll in either a 3 or 6 credit Italian language course as well as a complement of 3 to 4 courses in English.

Three Cities Program

"This semester-long program allows students to retrace the steps of Greek, Etruscan, Roman, Medieval and Renaissance cultures by living and studying in three cities which embody these civilizations in all their richness and splendor: Tuscania, Rome and either Florence or Venice"

Field Trips

Academic field trips are organized locally by staff in each of LdM's cities. Students may sign up on site for the field trips which interest them the most.

Information on this page is provided to UW Oshkosh students only as a summary of information provided by Lorenzo de'Medici (LdM). Check LdM's official site for the final word on everything!


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April 9, 2012