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Kookmin University, S. Korea

: Seoul, Korea
Dates: Spring: early March - mid-June; Fall: late August - mid-December
Courses: Courses are offered in English in Advanced Materials Engineering, Business Administration, Business IT, Ceramics, Computer Science, Economics, English Language and Literature, Food and Life Science, Forest Resources, General Education, Mass Communication, Mathematics, Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Painting, Physical Education, Political Science and Diplomacy and Sociology.
Accommodation: dormitory
Program Model: Student Exchange
Contact: Office of International Education or Andrew Redington, A/C 503, 424-1349 for arts & metalworking


Kookmin University specializes in metalworking, ceramics, graphic design and other arts, offering interactive "hands-on" classes and giving students the opportunity to fully integrate into the classroom and the culture.

The campus is located 20-30 minutes by shuttle/bus from downtown Seoul and includes unique libraries (including a Design Library), a museum, a design solution center, a historical house, a language teaching institute, and a wellness center. Check out a map of the campus.

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The Ubiquitous Design Solution Center (UDSC)

The Ubiquitous Design Solution Center (UDSC) aims to produce designers trained for an environment that transcends the limits of time andspace by supplying design solutions. The UIT Design Solution Center promotes design development. It holds a contest to promote design-solution centered business. The Center will increase cooperation with small and medium businesses to find UIT solutions using improved design technology.

The Korean Language Institute

Despite its relatively short history, The program which puts emphasis on the Korean language and cultural studies is continuously evolving as one of the largest program in the institute. In the five years of the Korean Language Program, over four hundred students from ten nations have completed the course of study.

The Myungwon House

Myungwon house is affiliated with Kookmin University and has been designated as Seoul Folklore National Treasure No.7. This house is being utilized as a space for the education and experience of traditional Korean culture. It especially focuses on teaching the traditional Korean tea ceremony.

The Wellness Center

The Wellness Center supplies customized exercise programs to improve the physical strength and health of visitors. Employees at the Wellness Center have extensive training and a great deal of background experience in supplying proper advice and specialized exercise regimes.

Work and Study Scholarship

Students may have the opportunity to off-set their travel and living expenses by participating in a work and study program. U.S. students teach English for twenty hours per week and earn a salary (approximately $700 per semester for Fall 2013 if working the maximum number of hours allowed). Students do not need prior training in English language teaching or in teaching and may choose their own topics to teach. Students will partner up with a Korean student, meet several times a week, and exchange languages. Students study full-time in addition to working through the work/study program. Students will work directly with Kookmin University if interested in this possibility.


Program Application & Guide
January 8, 2013