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International Universities - Hessen Student Exchange, Germany

Locations: Kassel, Frankfurt, Fulda, Marburg, and Giessen in the state of Hessen - Germany
Dates: Winter interim and summer
Courses: social sciences, sciences and business
Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Wade-Sirabian, Radford 304, 920-424-0909 (German language)
Contact: abroad@uwosh.edu (all courses except German language)


International Summer Universities (ISU's) and International Winter Universities (IWU's) attract an international student population, offer subjects taught in English and include intensive German language. In addition to coursework, all ISU's and IWU's offer an impressive cultural program, complete with excursions, sight-seeing tours, guest lectures and/or social events.

Hessen Outbound Student Guide- everything you need to know to choose a Hessen institution and prepare for your program abroad!

Ben Ditter shares his experience at Philipps-Universitat Marburg.

Special Needs:

--ISU Marburg is most likely to be able to accommodate students with disabilites.

--ISU Fulda offers child care for children 1-8 years old.

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Program Application & Guide
August 6, 2009