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Why Study Abroad?


Study abroad allows for ACTIVE ENGAGEMENT in the pursuit of knowledge and skills.

Study abroad offers options for advancing UNIQUE & DIVERSE personal and career goals.

One study abroad experience leads to a life-time of learning.

Learn about the IMPACT study abroad has had on other UW Oshkosh students.

What types of programs does UW Oshkosh offer?

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh runs three types of study abroad programs: faculty-led programs, direct enroll programs and student exchange programs.

airplaneBulletPointGroup Programs

A UW Oshkosh professor accompanies a group of UW Oshkosh students throughout their stay in the foreign country or on an entry tour. These can be anywhere from two weeks to a full semester in length. Students take courses from UW Oshkosh professors or from professors from a host school for UW Oshkosh credit. Grades are awarded by UW Oshkosh professors. The main advantage of group programs is the presence of UW Oshkosh professors, who can help focus students' experiences and offer student support.

airplaneBulletPointDirect Enroll Programs

Students are enrolled directly in the host university and are either part of an international student group (when at an institution serving foreign students only) or part of the general student body (such as at a university, much like the international student population at UW Oshkosh is). Courses are offered by the host institution and are taught by faculty from that institution. Grades are awarded by those same faculty, who employ their own local standards. The main advantages of direct enrollment are that it offers immersion, a wide range of courses at the host institution, and use of the host institution's facilities. Students can elect to study abroad for a short program, single semester or full year. UW Oshkosh faculty do not accompany individual students abroad.

airplaneBulletPointStudent Exchange Programs

Student exchange programs are direct enroll programs with a "twist". On these programs a UW Oshkosh student "trades places" with a student from a university abroad and allows students to participate in both the culture and educational system of the host institution. This type of exchange allows students at UW Oshkosh and at host universities to pay the tuition of their home university while studying abroad.

How do I choose a program that is right for me?

It is important to think about what you expect from a study abroad experience and then to look for a study abroad program which matches those expectations. Consider the following when choosing a program:

  • What are your educational & career goals?
  • Do you expect your study abroad experience to help you further those goals? How?
  • Why do you want to study abroad?
  • What do you want to study while abroad? In what language?
  • What level of immersion are you looking for?
  • Where do you want to study?
  • What do you expect your study abroad experience to do for you when you return to the U.S.?

airplaneBulletPointTo find the study abroad program which best fits your needs:

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