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UW Oshkosh students tell about the IMPACT of study abroad

Julie George, Tanzania, 2011

Serengeti Radiance: University of Wisconsin Oshkosh experimental psychology graduate student Julie George, of Waupaca, captured this shot on an early-morning safari in the Serengeti, as part of a three-week, study-abroad trip to Tanzania.

Ryan Nelson, Greece, 2011

UWO business student Ryan Nelson became interested with internships abroad because it could provide a new environment and culture to work in. This senior marketing major ended up turning a volunteer experience with Special Olympics into an internship opportunity “down under.”

Environmental Studies Students, Belize, 2011

It is not an everyday occurrence that students get to apply their classroom knowledge to real life experiences like University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students did recently on their trip to Belize in Central America.

Natalee Kasmiskie, Nicaragua, 2010

Natalee Kasmiskie wanted to travel abroad to expand her horizons and broaden her outlook on life. A recent trip to Nicaragua not only allowed her to do that, but also to write about it.

Volunteer Teachers, Chile, 2010

While in college, students forge relationships that last well beyond four years and, in some cases, span many miles. Three University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students ventured to the southern hemisphere to visit former classmates who studied at UW Oshkosh through an exchange program with Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins (UBO) in Chile. Their reunion kicked off a summer spent volunteering through Languages Open Doors, a UWO-sponsored program run by the Chilean Ministry of Education. A total of five UW Oshkosh students participated in the 10-week experience in 2010.

Women's Studies & Social Justice, Tanzania, 2010

Last month, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students got the chance to see just how meaningful their fundraising efforts were during a visit to Tanzania.

Amanda Fenske, Germany, 2010

Amanda Fenske will have the chance to reconnect with her roots, thanks to a generous scholarship to study in Germany.

See Xiong, Greece, 2010

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh senior journalism major See Xiong, of Eau Claire, an integrated marketing and communications photography intern, spent three weeks studying abroad in Greece during summer 2010.

Rebecca Strong, Mexico, 2010

University of Wisconsin alumna Rebecca Strong ’10, is putting her elementary education degree into practice as a new second grade teacher at the American School Foundation of Guadalajara in Mexico. Strong landed the position after student teaching at the school through the Educators Abroad Student Teaching program.

Nursing Students, Uganda, 2010

Lindsey Walker, a senior nursing student at UW Oshkosh who had never been out of the United States before signing up for the Uganda clinicals, was inspired by professor VanderLoop’s recounts of visiting Uganda.

Education Students, Australia, 2009

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students studying abroad in January packed quite a bit more than what their suitcases contained. That’s because students who signed up for the “Leadership and Culture in Australia” experience brought a classroom full of fifth-graders with them through an interactive learning project that connected the two groups of students through a blog.

Jeremiah Rohde, Japan, 2008

Jeremiah Rohde wanted to take his education to the next level and gain experience that would give him a professional edge. His venture brought him to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh — and then took him to the other side of the world. After receiving a two-year degree from UW-Marinette, Rohde enrolled at UW Oshkosh as an international studies major with an emphasis in business and a minor in Japanese. He knew that he wanted to use Japanese in the future, so he signed up for a study abroad at the University of Nagasaki Siebold in Japan.

Options Around the World, 2008

In a world gone global, students and faculty at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh gained international experience on study abroad trips during the fall interim.

Katie Parenteau, Tanzania, 2008

It’s one thing to learn about impoverished countries in a classroom; quite another to go to one and see the effects of poverty firsthand.

Business Students, Germany & the Czech Republic, 2008

Twenty-eight undergraduate and graduate business students from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh will be traveling to the Czech Republic in January to visit a new Briggs and Stratton plant in the city of Ostrava. The trip is part of a three-credit study abroad experience that has been offered to UW Oshkosh College of Business students for the past 20 years. The course is intended to immerse students in international business, providing experience with international travel and international business practices. UW Oshkosh offers more than 30 study abroad programs that range in length from 10 days to a full academic year.

Tina Moritz, India (through Rotary), 2005

As a 2005 University of Wisconsin Oshkosh graduate, Tina Moritz, a social science major, learned about the world through books, but never took the chance to experience it first-hand by studying abroad.

Lauren Lidbetter, Spain, 2008

It has been a great 4 ½ years in college and as I am approaching graduation in a couple of weeks the only regret I have is not to have studied abroad more. I meet the most amazing people while studying abroad, had the best experiences and am sad that I will never have such an amazing opportunity again. Sure I will travel to Europe many more times in my life but living there and studying there was unforgettable and one of the best learning experiences ever. I have been looking at my pictures about every other day. Since we have left the people that are in Oshkosh from the group have meet up a few times. It has been weird going from seeing these people almost everyday to once a week or not at all. We communicate on facebook but it is not the same by any means. Many members in the group are thinking about doing another trip in January 2009. I would love to go so maybe I will see where I am at with my job. One thing is for sure, I will be recommending the travel abroad program to all of my friends still in school.

Erin Rammer, USA Summer Camp (Japan), 2007

Studying abroad has been a defining experience in my life. I've always been interested in traveling, but being able to completely dive into a new - and sometimes frightening - experience has challenged and enlightened me more than I could have ever hoped. I feel that not only have I become more culturally competent, but I also have the tools to do anything and go anywhere in my life. I can't imagine my college experience without my experience in Japan.

Lindsay Mahlberg, European Business Travel Seminar, 2007

I am so thankful I attended this business study tour because it really opened my eyes to how international business really works.  We learn all about it in classes and how globalized our world is becoming, but there is only so much you can grasp by sitting in a classroom and learning about it through lectures.  By actually traveling abroad and learning about the business aspects of a different country, I can really understand how it all works.

Matthew Diker, , European Business Travel Seminar, 2007 (graduate student)

As a graduate student, I was a bit hesitant to sign up for the European Business seminar. Would dedicating ten days of vacation time taking a class really be worthwhile? As it turned out, the European study trip was more than “just a class” it was the experience of a lifetime. Our visits to the cities of Munich and Prague provided a glimpse of doing business in a global environment. Oh, we saw the normal tourist attractions, but our tour guides also gave us a chance to experience European culture outside the normal tourist scene. Try getting that from your next Apple vacation! The European study tour provided the perfect end to my graduate experience.

Kim Eveland, Education, Society & Culture in Modern Greece, 2007

Studying abroad will help anyone to expand their knowledge and give them experiences a classroom setting or textbook will never provide. Being a part of an entirely new cultural setting is exciting. Education abroad introduces you to a new culture, a new way of life. I am very thankful I was given this opportunity in my life!

Kathy Gombos-Miller, Spain, 2006 (writing to Senator Feingold)

As a non-traditional student who has not only studied abroad in three countries but has also had roommates from Rwanda and El Salvador, I can only scratch the surface when I tell you how these experiences have impacted me. 

I have grown to respect and love the differences in cultures.  I am no longer biased and I believe that there is so much that we have to gain by supporting our students’ studies abroad. 

My increased awareness for human rights and dignity, as well as my appreciation for the vast differences of the people in our great nation, these United States of America, has made me realize that these differences are our strength.  These differences of culture, creed and ethnicity create a balance and make us the great nation that we are.  This is what continues to bring new people to our shores.

I recall with distinct clarity a conversation I had with my host mother in Spain about the people of Islam in our country.  She was very surprised that I had friends who are Muslim and that I respect their culture and religion.  She told me that I changed the way she views Americans. 

When students leave our great country and venture into other lands, they begin to see the world in a much larger view.  They begin to care for not only their own country and the problems of their own culture and people, but also for that of the entire world. 

Now, when I watch the news, I watch the world.  I am no longer just interested and concerned about the earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis that hit our cities and coasts, but I worry about my friends in Barbados and in other lands. 

Senator Feingold, I am no longer just a citizen of the United States of America.  I am a citizen of the World.  Please support these students and provide the funding they need to become students and citizens of the world.  Feel free to share my letter with other Senators and concerned citizens.


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