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Paperwork: taking care of business at UW Oshkosh (a guide for students on non-UW Oshkosh-sponsored programs)

You may be responsible for some or all of the following preparations. Know which ones you are responsible for, and then do them far enough in advance so that minor problems don’t keep you from your study abroad experience! You will certainly have other responsibilities which are not covered below.

Thoroughly review the information below, write down specific questions that you have, and then schedule an advising appointment to review the below information, register with the OIE as a study abroad student, and ensure that you will have all of your bases covered BEFORE applying to your program abroad!

Appointment Request Form


Consider This ...

airplanePointerStudy Abroad and Graduation

If you plan to study abroad during your final two to three semesters before graduation, meet with your academic advisor or a graduation examiner to ensure that you will meet UW Oshkosh graduation requirements. Three important things to consider are listed below. Other issues may also arise.


A student may not graduate if an Incomplete appears on the transcript. All incomplete grades must be recorded as a final letter grade before the official end of the term in which the student wishes to graduate. The student may request that an Incomplete be converted to an F grade in order to be allowed to graduate. AFTER GRADUATION, NO GRADE CHANGE IS ALLOWED.

Course End Dates

Study abroad program dates often do not conform to regular university academic course schedules. If you plan to graduate at the end of your study abroad experience, ensure that your study abroad program has an end date ON OR BEFORE the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Official Graduation Date listed in the Academic Calendar.

The Official Transcripts which list the courses you took through your study abroad experience (your UW Oshkosh transcripts if the course is run through UW Oshkosh or transcripts from the organization running your program) MUST LIST THE END DATE FOR THE COURSE/S YOU ARE TAKING AND the end date must be ON OR BEFORE the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Official Graduation Date. For non-UW Oshkosh-sponsored programs, if the transcripts you receive do not list an end date, you must request an official cover letter from the organization issuing your transcripts which gives the official course end date.

All courses IN PROGRESS during your final semester, including courses you are taking abroad which you DO NOT NEED in order to graduate, MUST BE COMPLETED by the Official Graduation Date. There are no exceptions.

15 of your final 30 Credits

Fifteen of your final thirty credits must be earned in coursework taken at UW Oshkosh (coursework offered through UW Oshkosh-sponsored study abroad programs is considered coursework taken at UW Oshkosh for this purpose). If you study abroad THROUGH A NON-UW OSHKOSH-SPONSORED PROGRAM during one of your final semesters, the number of credits which you can transfer back to UW Oshkosh may be limited. You may need to balance this limit with the credit minimums required to use financial aid for study abroad.

airplanePointerDPI Study Abroad Requirement for Foreign Language Teachers

College of Education & Human Services students planning to teach a foreign language after graduation must meet the DPI requirement for study abroad and must have a completed Certificate of Residency. For more information, visit the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures Office on the third floor of Radford.

Program Fees & Budgeting

In addition to advertised program fees, you will be responsible for other expenses before and during your program abroad. It is important to have a budget estimate for these expenses and to bring enough money abroad to cover them.

Keep in mind that evening and night-time entertainment can be considerably more expensive than in Wisconsin. This can become costly, so budget accordingly!

Fill out the cost sheet below and use it to budget for your study abroad program and to apply for Financial Aid.

$ _______ Application Fee
$ _______ Academic Program Tuition and fees
$_______ Health/Accident Insurance
$_______ Passport & Passport Pictures (about $150 total)
$_______ Visa
$_______ Resident Permit (or similar)
$_______ Airfare
$_______ Accommodations
$_______ Meals
$_______ Accommodations and meals during program breaks
$_______ Travel Guide/Text Books
$_______ Local Transportation
$_______ Program Related Travel
$_______ Sight-seeing (transportation, entrance fees, etc.)
$_______ Airport Departure Tax
$_______ Other: _____________________________________________
$_______ Other: _____________________________________________
$_______ Other: _____________________________________________
$_______ Other: _____________________________________________
$_______ Personal Expenses (not including shopping, travel away from your program site or alcohol).
$_______ Total to submit to Financial Aid
$_______ Shopping & Personal Travel (outside of program requirements)
$_______ Total Anticipated Cost

Program Withdrawal

Occasionally, someone goes abroad for a semester or year and an emergency comes up at home, the participant decides that the time away from the U.S. is too long, or the participant decides that the situation in the host country has become unsafe. All participants need to be aware that, although withdrawal part-way through a program is possible, registration for courses upon return to UW Oshkosh probably won’t be. The deadlines for adding courses will still apply to students who return, for whatever reason, and it’s likely that a student who withdraws from a program will have to wait until the following term in order to register for classes. See your program’s refund policy for details on the financial implications of withdrawing early from a program.


Before You Go...

airplanePointerCourse and Credit Transfer

When you study abroad/away on a program which does not grant UW Oshkosh credit, you may request that your courses be transfered to UW Oshkosh at the end of your program by soliciting prior approval for course and credit transfer. Transfer without prior approval IS NOT AUTOMATIC and IS NOT GUARANTEED.

Follow the instructions on theTransfer Credit Prior Approval formto have your courses pre-approved for transfer.

Financial Aid, Grants & Scholarships

airplaneBulletPointIs Financial Aid available for study abroad?

Financial Aid & UW System Grants for study abroad may be available to you, but you must apply when you apply to study abroad. Remember that your need increases when your expenses for the semester increase, so even if you are not currently receiving financial aid you may want to consider applying for it for the academic year during which you plan to study abroad (the summer session occurs at the end of the academic year).

Financial Aid for study abroad is determined in the same way as it is determined when attending classes on campus, with the exception that the additional costs of studying abroad are incorporated into your study abroad budget. Grants and loans that would normally be available to you as a student at UW Oshkosh and additional Stafford loans will be available to you for study abroad if you have not already used your program maximums for the year. PLUS loans for parents and alternative loans may also be available.

airplaneBulletPointAre grants or scholarships available for study abroad?

There are UW System Grants for Study Abroad available through the Financial Aid Office. Eligible students are Wisconsin residents and full-time undergraduates with demonstrated need. See the section on applying for Financial Aid above.

In addition, there are scholarships available for study abroad, but you have to search for them. Very few scholarships are available to students who want to study during interim periods. The majority of scholarships are for specific programs, specific areas of study or specific regions of the world.

airplaneBulletPointHow do I apply for Financial Aid for Study Abroad (UW Oshkosh students only)?

UW Oshkosh-sponsored programs

  1. File the FAFSA for the appropriate year (summer starts the academic year).
  2. Answer the financial aid questions on the study abroad application.
  3. FOR WISCONSIN RESIDENTS: Apply for the State of Wisconsin Travel Grant
  4. FOR SUMMER ONLY: Complete the Summer Financial Aid Application (becomes available in early April).
  5. If necessary, meet with a Financial Aid Counselor to discuss your aid package.
  6. Accept your financial aid award.
  7. Submit the Notice of Financial Aid Award for Study Abroad to Student Accounts.

Non-UW Oshkosh-sponsored programs

  1. File the FAFSA for the appropriate year (summer starts the academic year).
    • List UW Oshkosh as the institution to which you want your FAFSA information sent; Financial Aid will be awarded through UW Oshkosh.
  2. Complete the Study Abroad Financial Aid Application
  3. FOR WISCONSIN RESIDENTS: Apply for the State of Wisconsin Travel Grant
  4. FOR SUMMER ONLY: Complete the Summer Financial Aid Application (becomes available in early April).
  5. Complete a Financial Aid Consortium Agreement
  6. Meet with a Financial Aid Counselor to discuss your aid package.
  7. Accept your financial aid award

airplaneBulletPointHow do I apply for Financial Aid if I am not a UW Oshkosh Student?

If you are not a student at UW Oshkosh, you must apply for Financial Aid on your home campus. In this case, do not include answers to financial aid questions on your application to the OIE, but do make sure that you apply for aid far enough in advance to meet the UW Oshkosh payment deadlines.

The OIE recommends that you apply for aid on your home campus BEFORE applying to study abroad through UW Oshkosh if you need the aid in order to study abroad.

Your financial aid office will need to send a consortium agreement to UW Oshkosh in order to release your financial aid to you. You can send this agreement either directly to the OIE with your study abroad application or to our financial aid office at

Financial Aid Office
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
800 Algoma Blvd
Oshkosh, WI 54901

airplaneBulletPointDo I need an appointment to meet with a Financial Aid counselor?

Individuals with questions related to financial aid for study abroad may visit the Financial Aid Office without an appointment Mondays through Fridays from 10:00 to 1:00. Students who have class during walk-in hours may make an appointment to see their Financial Aid Counselor.  You should visit (or schedule your appointment for) approximately two weeks prior to the study abroad application deadline.

Be prepared for your meeting.  Students who have carefully read ALL available information related to financial aid for study abroad, arrive prepared to ask questions not already answered in the written materials, follow through after their financial aid meetings and mark important deadlines in their calendars find the process to be smooth and efficient.  Students who have not read the materials and arrive unprepared, do not follow through in a timely manner after their financial aid meetings and do not mark important deadlines in their calendars may find the process frustrating.

airplaneBulletPointWhat if I do not plan to study abroad unless I receive Financial Aid (UW Oshkosh programs only)?

If you do not plan to study abroad unless you receive Financial Aid, you should check the "HOLD" box on your study abroad application. Checking this box allows you to later withdraw your study abroad application without losing the application fee (the fee will be returned to you if you do not receive sufficient financial aid; the fee will not be returned to you if you withdraw for any other reason).

However, placing a Financial Aid HOLD on your application also means that the OIE will not reserve a seat for you on your study abroad program of choice until you have released the HOLD. Once you are satisfied that you will receive enough aid to cover expenses, you can release the HOLD by filling out the ”Withdrawal & Refund Policy for Participation on UW Oshkosh-Sponsored Faculty-Led Programs Abroad” provided in the study abroad application and returning it to the OIE in Dempsey 202.

airplaneBulletPointWill the study abroad application fee be figured in to my costs for financial aid purposes (UW Oshkosh programs only)?

Yes, the application fee will be figured in to your costs for financial aid purposes. However, because your financial aid won't process until long after you've been accepted into your program, you will need to cover this fee up front first. If you are unable to cover the fee up front, please visit the Financial Aid Office to request information on Tetzlaff loans. These are short-term loans that can be used to cover the study abroad application fee. You must request your Tetzlaff loan no fewer than three days prior to your study abroad application deadline! They take a minimum of 48 hours to process. Please note that these loans are only available between the first day of the semester and the third UW Oshkosh tuition payment deadline.

airplaneBulletPointHow much and what type of aid am I eligible for?

IF you have remaining Stafford Loan eligibility for the academic year in which you plan to study abroad, you may be eligible for additional Stafford Loan depending on your remaining eligibility. For example, if you are a freshman dependent student your maximum Stafford Loan eligibility for one academic year is $3,500. If you have already borrowed that amount for the Fall and Spring semesters, you do not have any remaining Stafford Loan eligibility. Sophomore Stafford limit is $4,500 and Junior/Senior limit is $5,500. If you are an independent student you can borrow additional unsubsidized loans. (This information is current as of spring 2013.)

If you are eligible, you will receive a Study Abroad Grant. The maximum study abroad grant is approximately $500 for a short-term or summer program and $1,000 for semester-long programs, but could be less. Grants are awarded based on need. (This information is current as of summer 2013.)

If you need additional aid after using any remaining Stafford Loan eligibility and, if eligible, the Study Abroad Grant, then you will need to consider the option of a Parent Loan or an Alternative Loan. Parent Loans or Alternative Loans will be offered as options for you to consider. If you decide to apply for either of these loans there is additional paperwork that will need to be completed. Information on applying for an alternative loan is available in the Financial Aid Office.

airplaneBulletPointWhen will I receive my financial aid award notice?

Fall and Spring Semesters (including interims)
Initial awards for aid for on-campus study are processed in mid-April of the prior academic year. After you have applied to study abroad you will receive an updated award with adjustments for study abroad. You will not receive your updated award until after the study abroad application deadline.

Awards for aid for on-campus study and study abroad during the summer are processed in mid-May (just a month or so before summer study abroad programs begin). Awards for summer programs cannot be processed until after students have committed to summer study abroad programs. For summer programs, the financial aid office offers aid package estimates in advance of processing awards. Students who need an aid package estimate must make an appointment to see a financial aid advisor.

airplaneBulletPointWhat is included in my financial aid award?

Awards which have been updated to include aid for study abroad also include all other aid that you are receiving for the entire academic year. If you are not sure how much aid has been allocated for study abroad, contact the Financial Aid Office for clarification.

airplaneBulletPointWhen will I receive my financial aid award?

Until about one month prior to the final study abroad fee payment deadline, program fees are still tentative. This is because final fees depend on the exchange rate at the time that the program actually occurs and, for group programs, on the final number of students participating. Financial Aid is paid in one lump sum (rather than in installments).  It may be transferred to your account before study abroad fees have been added, in which case you will need to save any change check you may receive to pay your fees at a later date.  Likewise, it may not be transferred to your student account to pay any of your study abroad fees until after the final payment deadline.

Financial Aid awards cannot legally be paid out until the beginning of the UW Oshkosh term during which a study abroad program takes place (Pell Grants must be held for an additional two weeks before they can legally be paid out). If you will be leaving for abroad before the UW Oshkosh term begins, you will need to make arrangements with the Cashier's Office to complete paperwork to have your money disbursed into a personal bank account or, if you don’t have a bank account, to allow someone other than yourself to receive your financial aid change check on your behalf.

The earliest date on which you can expect financial aid money to be available AT UW OSHKOSH is on the first day of classes (Pell Grants will not be available until two weeks later). Check in the Student Accounts office for the exact dates. If you request that your funds be directly deposited to your bank account or mailed to an address in the U.S., you should expect a delay of 3-7 days before you will have access to your funds.

Direct Deposit to a Bank Account
To have your funds deposited directly to your bank account after your check arrives at the University, log onto TitanWeb, select "Finances", and select "Direct Deposit" in the column on the left. Select "Direct Deposit" again. (ALERT: If your Pop-up Lock is on, you will not be able to select "Direct Deposit" a second time. Turn off your Pop-up Lock and then select "Direct Deposit".) Then, select "continue" and follow the instructions to enter your bank routing number and bank account number. Be sure to print a confirmation page for your records. Complete this process BEFORE YOU LEAVE. Call Student Accounts at 920-424-1332 if you have questions.

Release Form
If you choose to have your change check direct deposited or mailed, you will also want to complete a "Release" form to allow someone other than yourself to access information related to your financial aid and student account in the case that, for example, it does not arrive on schedule or the forwarded amount is incorrect. You must request this form IN PERSON from the Student Affairs office in Dempsey 148.

Non-UW Oshkosh Students
If you are not a UW Oshkosh student but are using financial aid from your own institution, be sure you check with your financial aid office/student accounts office to find out how & when your funds will be disbursed.

airplaneBulletPointHow can I apply my financial aid award to my study abroad program fees?

If you are studying abroad through a UW Oshkosh-sponsored study abroad program and you are a UW Oshkosh student, your financial aid will automatically be applied toward study abroad-related fees on your student account at UW Oshkosh. If you are a student elsewhere, you will need to pick up a change check from your home campus, cash the check, and send payment to UW Oshkosh.

Faculty-led Programs (applies to UW Oshkosh and non-UW Oshkosh students)

Students paying all program fees with financial aid must turn in a Notice of Financial Aid Award for Study Abroad form directly to Student Accounts in place of payment by the first payment deadline.

Students who plan to cover some costs on their own and remaining costs using financial aid must make their payment by the first payment deadline. They must also turn in a Notice of Financial Aid Award for Study Abroad form directly to Student Accounts by the first payment deadline (or by the second payment deadline if they have covered the first payment in full).

Once your "Notice of Financial Aid Award for Study Abroad" form has been filed, a "positive service indicator" will appear on your record indicating that financial aid will be paying your study abroad program fees.  This should not prevent you from doing anything except printing transcripts.

Non UW Oshkosh-sponsored programs

Your financial aid award will be transferred to your student account rather than to your program provider or host school. You will be able to pick up a change check from the cashier's office, after which you are responsible for making payments to cover study abroad fees and associated costs.

airplaneBulletPointHow Do I Access Loans/Grants which Exceed Costs Billed by the University?

At times, the amount awarded in loans and/or grants exceeds the costs directly billed by the University. This may happen if housing costs, passport costs, meal costs, etc. are not included in fees paid to UW Oshkosh for your study abroad program or if you are participating on a non-UW Oshkosh-sponsored program. Loan and/or grant money which exceeds costs billed by UW Oshkosh will be available at the cashier's office in the form of a change check.

There are times when your change check may not be available before you leave for your study abroad program. If arrangements are not made in advance, the money you receive may be withdrawn from your student account and may be lost permanently. See "When will I receive my financial aid award?" above for details.

At other times you will receive a change check even though you have not paid all of your study abroad fees. This occurs when financial aid is processed before the OIE has added the final program fee to your student account. In this case, take your change check from the cashier's office to student accounts. You will be able to apply the change check to your "future" study abroad fees if you indicate that this is what you would like to do.

airplaneBulletPointIf I am not registered for ANY classes at UW Oshkosh or I am only enrolled part-time at UW Oshkosh for a full semester, will this affect past loans or my ability to qualify for financial aid (non-UW Oshkosh-sponsored programs only)?

Ability to Qualify for Financial Aid
If you will NOT be enrolled in UW OSHKOSH COURSES while abroad and you plan to receive Financial Aid for your study abroad experience, you will need to show in advance that you plan to transfer at least twelve credits back to UW Oshkosh at the end of your program abroad.

Past Loans
Information on your enrollment status is automatically extracted from UW Oshkosh records and sent to a Clearinghouse which is used by loan and insurance companies which provide services based on student status. You will show up in the Clearinghouse as “not enrolled” or "enrolled part-time" AT UW OSHKOSH. If you are not enrolled for full-time credit at an accredited U.S. institution elsewhere, your loans may come due. (Your insurance company may also consider you ineligible for insurance if you are on a parent's plan which requires you to maintain full-time student status.)

To avoid having loans come due, contact your loan company before leaving to study abroad to request an “IN-SCHOOL DEFERMENT REQUEST” form.  Complete sections I, II and III of this form and send it to the Financial Aid Office at UW Oshkosh for completion of section IV.

To avoid losing your health insurance, contact your insurance company before leaving to study abroad to inquire about their process for verifying your enrollment.

airplaneBulletPointI've received a notice in the mail that my loans are due. Is this correct?

UW Oshkosh-sponsored programs

If you have maintained full-time enrollment during your program abroad and there are no other extenuating circumstances, this may be a mistake. Please contact the Office of International Education and/or the Financial Aid Office for more information.

Non-UW Oshkosh-sponsored programs

See Past Loans above.

airplaneBulletPointI've received a notice in the mail that I am not making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and that I am no longer eligible for financial aid. Is this correct?

UW Oshkosh-sponsored programs

The Financial Aid Office runs a SAP report each May/June to ensure that students on financial aid are making Satisfactory Academic Progress. This report captures your full-time placeholder course enrollment as "credits attempted" but can't capture "credits earned" during your study abroad experience because these are transferred in after the report is run. While staff in the Financial Aid Office do try to identify all students in placeholder courses to remove them from the list, the process is done by hand. If there are no other extenuating circumstances, you may be on the list even while making SAP and may receive a letter. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

Non-UW Oshkosh-sponsored programs

Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

airplaneBulletPointWho should I contact if I have questions about Financial Aid for Study Abroad?

If you are a UW Oshkosh student, contact the UW Oshkosh Financial Aid Office at (920) 424-3377. If you are not a UW Oshkosh student, contact the Financial Aid office on your home campus.

Program Application

Be sure to go through all program application materials thoroughly when you first receive them and highlight or make a list of all of the forms you will need to fill out, payments you will need to make, and tasks you will need to complete. Study abroad applications typically involve a lot of paperwork, several payment deadlines and a bit of work on your end, and you'll want to make sure that you've completed everything on time so that you are not dropped from your program.

Many study abroad applications require the signature of someone either from your financial aid office, study abroad office, academic advising, credit transfer coordinator or faculty advisor. Often the forms ask for the signature of a person with a particular title. However, you should obtain the signature of the person at UW Oshkosh responsible for verifying the information asked for on your form. If your form asks for verification related to:

  • credit transfer, it should be signed by Paul Gedlinske, Admissions Office
  • academic standing, it should be signed by someone in registration (located in the advising office, 1st floor Dempsey)
  • disciplinary records, it should be signed by someone in the Dean of Students Office
  • financial aid, it should be signed by someone in the financial aid office

If you need to provide proof of enrollment for your application, you'll need to obtain a Certificate of Enrollment.

Certificate of University Enrollment
Log on to Titan Web and follow the instructions to obtain an Enrollment Verification.

Academic Leave of Absence

If you plan to be away from UW Oshkosh for either the fall or spring semesters, or both, and you are on a non-UW Oshkosh-sponsored program, you must fill out the on-line Academic Leave of Absence Form, available at http://www.uwosh.edu/registrar/forms/forms/academic-leave-of-absence-form and submit it electronically. This form will allow you to register for courses for the following semester and return to the university without applying for readmission. The form states that you may remain on leave for no more than one semester, but an exception will be made for students studying abroad for a full academic year. Simply fill out the form showing that you will be gone for a full year, and the exception will be granted automatically.

airplanePointerAccommodation at UW Oshkosh (Residence Hall Contracts)

If you are already in a Residence Life contract for the time period you plan to be abroad, contact your Hall Director to let him/her know you plan to be studying abroad!!!

If you plan to live in a residence hall after returning to UW Oshkosh, contact Residence Life before you travel to let them know that you will be participating in a semester-long study abroad program and/or that you will need a room when you return.


Purchase Health Insurance

If I am on a UW Oshkosh-sponsored program, do I have insurance for medical and emergency services while studying abroad?

YES - but only during your official program dates! UW System requires all participants on UW Oshkosh-sponsored programs abroad to purchase insurance through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). This insurance is included in your study abroad program fee; your coverage will begin on the first day on which you are required to be in the host country and end on or just after the last day on which you are required to be in the host country.

All benefits are clearly explained on the Description of Coverage. If your program begins

Are there additional insurance requirements?

In addition to CISI, all students studying through an Australian, German, Japanese or New Zealand university are required by the foreign government to carry additional health insurance and our partner in Canada (UNB) requires additional health insurance. You will receive instructions and the necessary paperwork to obtain your insurance card at your host university’s orientation.

How do I access information about my CISI coverage and print my insurance card?

Instructions on accessing information and printing your insurance card, among other things, are available from the myCISI portal. Use the CISI Participant Portal to

  • View, print and email your
    • Consulate letter (if you are applying for a visa to enter a foreign country, you may need this),
    • Claim form (submit this directly to CISI)
  • Access travel-related sites.
  • Research country specific information.
  • Access a personal security assistance website.
  • Extend your coverage (prior to or following your program dates).

I will arrive abroad prior to my official program start date and/or will return after my official program end date. Do I need to extend my insurance coverage if I'm on a UW Oshkosh-sponsored program?

YES! If you don't extend your insurance coverage, you won't be covered. Follow the instructions to extend coverage in the myCISI portal. You must pay for the additional coverage directly to CISI at the time that you request the extension.

Can I use my personal health insurance plan without purchasing additional insurance for travel abroad?

If studying on a UW Oshkosh-sponsored Program, no. UW System does not allow for the exemption of any participant for any reason.

If you are studying through a program not sponsored by or affiliated with UW Oshkosh, sickness and accident coverage while in a foreign country may be included in your personal health insurance plan, but it is rare for personal health insurance plans to cover medical evacuation, security evacuation, repatriation or emergency medical reunion. BEFORE you travel you should be familiar with the type of coverage you have and the steps you need to take in order to use your policy abroad. If you are not satisfied that you have sufficient coverage abroad, you can purchase a temporary policy.

My insurance company requires me to be a full-time student in order to take advantage of a lower premium. Will study abroad affect my ability to keep this premium?

Your insurance company may require you to be a full-time student in order to take advantage of lower premiums. IF you are NOT enrolled in classes at UW Oshkosh for a full semester (i.e. you are transferring credits back to UW Oshkosh at the end of your study abroad program), AND you are NOT enrolled for full-time credit through another accredited U.S. institution, this may affect your premiums. Information on your enrollment status is automatically extracted from UW Oshkosh records and sent to a Clearinghouse, which many insurance companies monitor. You will show up in the Clearinghouse as “not enrolled” at UW Oshkosh IF you are not enrolled for courses AT UW OSHKOSH, and your premiums may be affected.

In order to avoid problems, contact your insurance company BEFORE leaving for your study abroad destination. Your insurance company will either give you a form or a list of information which they need. You can fax this form/list to the institution abroad for verification of full-time status while studying there.

Please note that if you are on Academic Leave of Absence, you are being reported by UW Oshkosh as "not enrolled."

What are some insurance supplements or alternatives?

  • If you need comprehensive security evacuation insurance, Global Rescue and International SOS both offer to individuals.
  • At $22, the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is a popular option for students. The ISIC can be purchased on line; policy details are available from the link above. To call STA Travel: 1-800-329-9537 (menu option “Student, youth and teacher identity cards”). A second option is to search on the internet or contact your local travel agent. There are many other insurance companies that will cover you during your time abroad.

What are medical evacuation, security evacuation, repatriation and medical reunion?

Medical evacuation, security evacuation and repatriation benefits cover the insured when the insured is moved to a location outside of the host country or returned to the U.S. because a medical condition cannot be treated locally, because of a security risk at the site abroad or because of the death of the insured. Medical reunion benefits cover a family member who travels to the location where the insured is undergoing medical treatment. If you have medical reunion, identify one or more family members who have a valid passport as your emergency contact. Anyone not holding a valid passport will need to apply for one before being able to take advantage of emergency medical reunion.

Is the insurance offered through CISI sufficient?

CISI insurance is not comprehensive. It is each participant's responsibility to review the policy for sufficient coverage. If you feel that coverage is insufficient, purchase additional coverage through your insurance agent. Do not cancel your health insurance policy in the U.S. while you are gone. In most cases, your international policy will cover you while you are gone and/or bring you back to the U.S., but once you return, your domestic policy will need to provide coverage.



While You're Away...

airplanePointer UW Oshkosh Course Enrollment (for courses you'll take AFTER return)

While away, don’t forget to register for the UW Oshkosh courses you plan to take upon return as soon as your enrollment period opens! Wisconsin law protects student information from being shared with others. This means that course registration must be done by you, unless you arrange in advance for someone else to register for you. Know your registration date before you leave!

Talk to your academic advisor about registering for courses BEFORE you leave so that you have someone to contact who understands your situation if problems arise. It's helpful if your advisor knows where you are going, when you will be gone and what courses you will be transferring back to UW Oshkosh.

NOTE: TitanWeb is down every night - perhaps the middle of the day where you are!

UW Oshkosh Interim

If you return from abroad in time for UW Oshkosh interim courses, it is important to note that although you may take a UW Oshkosh interim course, you will pay additional tuition for the credits earned over the interim period. This is because on exchange programs each student pays tuition to his/her home institution ON BEHALF OF AN INCOMING STUDENT FROM THE HOST COUNTRY. In return, students coming to UW Oshkosh from abroad pay tuition for you. Therefore, the tuition you pay will cover your exchange partner's tuition and fees during the regular semester and interim; it will not cover YOUR tuition and fees during the regular semester or during interim at UW Oshkosh.

airplanePointerTo Complete Your Course Transfer

Before you depart from abroad, you must request that your host institution send your transcripts directly to the Transfer Student Coordinator in the UW Oshkosh Admissions Office. Do not send your transcript to the Office of International Education. The UW Oshkosh OIE cannot request transcripts on your behalf and you cannot receive credit at UW Oshkosh without the official transcript.

Transfer Student Coordinator
Admissions Office
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
800 Algoma Blvd
Oshkosh, WI 54901

NOTE: When the Transfer Student Coordinator receives your transcipt, it will be matched to the Transfer Credit Prior Approval Form you completed during the application process for your program. If you did not take the courses you listed on your prior approval form, there is no guarantee that your courses will transfer. If you took courses which won't transfer, this will retroactively affect your full-time status as reported by UW Oshkosh and may affect your financial aid.

You should consider ordering a copy of your host institution transcripts for yourself if possible.



This page was last updated on: July 19, 2013