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Study Abroad & Graduation

airplaneBulletPointStudy Abroad and the Affect on Your Graduation Date

If you plan to study abroad during your final two to three semesters before graduation, it is imperative that you meet with your academic advisor and possibly with a graduation examiner as well to ensure that you will meet UW Oshkosh graduation requirements. Two important things to consider are listed below. Other issues may also arise.

airplaneBulletPointCourse End Dates

In many cases, study abroad program dates do not conform to regular university academic course schedules. If you plan to graduate at the end of your study abroad experience, you will need to ensure that the study abroad program you have chosen has an end date ON OR BEFORE the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Official Graduation Date listed in the Academic Calendar.

The Official Transcripts which list the courses you took through your study abroad experience (your UW Oshkosh transcripts if the course is run through UW Oshkosh or transcripts from the organization running your program) MUST LIST THE END DATE FOR THE COURSE/S YOU ARE TAKING AND the end date must be ON OR BEFORE the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Official Graduation Date. For non-UW Oshkosh-sponsored programs, if the transcripts you receive do not list an end date, you must request an official cover letter from the organization issuing your transcripts which gives the official course end date.

All courses IN PROGRESS during your final semester, including courses you are taking abroad which you DO NOT NEED in order to graduate, MUST BE COMPLETED by the Official Graduation Date. There are no exceptions.

airplaneBulletPoint15 of your final 30 Credits

Fifteen of your final thirty credits must be earned in coursework taken at UW Oshkosh (coursework offered through UW Oshkosh-sponsored study abroad programs is considered coursework taken at UW Oshkosh for this purpose). If you decide to study abroad THROUGH A NON-UW OSHKOSH-SPONSORED PROGRAM during one of your final semesters, the number of credits which you can transfer back to UW Oshkosh may be limited. You may need to balance this limit with the credit minimums required to use financial aid for study abroad.


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April 21, 2014