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airplaneBulletPointWho should I talk to about choosing courses for study abroad?

Faculty-led study abroad programs

For most programs, you should talk to your faculty leader about the course option which would be best for you. Depending on the program, you may also need to talk to a faculty advisor (if the course may be used toward your major) and/or an academic advisor in the UARC (Undergraduate Advising Resource Center) in the Student Success Center. If you are planning to graduate at the end of your program abroad, talk to an advisor in the OIE as well.

Student Exchange and Independent Study Abroad

You MUST talk to a variety of people about course selection! Begin with a study abroad advisor in the OIE. Your advisor in the OIE will give you information about the course selection process and talk with you about others on campus you'll need to meet with before choosing a program. You'll also need to meet with your current advisor. Your advisor will be able to talk with you about course selection options which may work best for you. In addition, it is imperative that you talk with an advisor in the UARC (Undergraduate Advising Resource Center)! Your UARC advisor can talk to you about policies and procedures on campus which may affect the choices you make.

airplaneBulletPointWhat courses can I take?

Faculty-led Study Abroad Program

All faculty-led programs offer UW Oshkosh course credit. Course and credit information is available on each program's web page.

Student Exchange Program

Participants on student exchange programs are able to choose from a variety of courses at the host institution which are then transferred back to UW Oshkosh. Just as at UW Oshkosh, you will only be able to choose from courses for which you have sufficient background to show that you satisfy any course prerequisites. In some cases, the host institution may offer a subset of courses from which you can choose. Course selection details are available from each program's webpage.

airplaneBulletPointWhat requirements can I fulfill?

Your study abroad experience may fulfill the following requirements:

College of Business Administration

Global Business Minor: There is a study abroad requirement of either a COBA international travel seminar (Bus 494) or a pre-approved semester abroad academic study experience.

Global Knowledge Requirement: Can be partially fulfilled with a COBA international travel seminar (Bus 494) or a pre-approved experience abroad.

International Management Emphasis: Can be partially fulfilled with a COBA international travel seminar (Bus 494), a pre-approved semester abroad academic study experience or a pre-approved for-credit international internship or work experience.

NOTE: You may not use the same three-credit experience toward your major, minor and emphasis. If you need more than three credits of study abroad, you can choose to take Bus 494 more than once or you can participate on a study abroad program which awards more than three credits.

College of Education & Human Services

DPI Study Abroad Requirement for Foreign Language Teachers: COEHS students must spend at least four weeks abroad and meet other qualifications outlined by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at UW Oshkosh. Visit the Foreign Languages and Literatures department office in Radford 315 to complete the required paperwork.

International Student Teaching for Licensure: Eligible COEHS students can participate in international student teaching to fulfill part of the required semester-long student teaching experience required for licensure. Check with the COEHS Field Experience Director, MaryBeth Petesch (424-3323) for eligibility requirements and an explanation of the process involved.

airplaneBulletPointHow do I register for courses?

The only way to register for study abroad-related courses is to complete the study abroad application process.

If you are studying through a faculty-led study abroad program, you will be registered for courses by the OIE when your study abroad application is complete.

If you are studying abroad through a student exchange program, you will be registered in a 'placeholder' course at UW Oshkosh before your study abroad program begins. When your program ends, the credits you earned abroad will be transferred back from your host school to UW Oshkosh and will replace the credits associated with the placeholder course.

airplaneBulletPointCan I audit a study abroad course?


airplanePointerCourse and Credit Transfer

When you study abroad/away on a program which does not grant UW Oshkosh credit, you may request that your courses be transfered to UW Oshkosh at the end of your program by soliciting prior approval for course and credit transfer. Transfer without prior approval IS NOT AUTOMATIC and IS NOT GUARANTEED.

Follow the instructions on theTransfer Credit Prior Approval formto have your courses pre-approved for transfer.


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June 19, 2014