Viessmann Internship Program in Germany
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Last Updated 09 AUG 2018

Program Overview

Program Overview



Program Contact College of Letters & Science Contact: Gregory Kleinheinz, N/E 101, 424-3302
College of Business Contact: Jennifer Fischer, Sage 1608E, 424-3032


Interns live in single rooms in an apartment arranged by Viessmann.


Interns grocery shop and cook on their own; no meals are included in the program fee.

Review the estimate for the amount of money you should bring to cover meals in the Full Cost of Participation worksheet (linked in Step III of the application checklist). It is not reasonable to think that you can save money by spending less than the food estimate provided by the OIE! This estimate is meant to be the BARE MINIMUM in relation to your particular destination!

Airport Transfers

Mode of transportation:

Students arrange their own transportation to/from the Chicago O'Hare airport. Arrive at least 3 hours before the scheduled flight departure.

After arriving at the Frankfurt Airport, one group member will pick up the group rental car provided by Viessmann and will drive the group to the Viessmann Corporation campus in Allendorf Germany.

But, just in case you have trouble with the rental car...have a back-up plan!

Review the web site/s of your arrival airport and print any information/maps available to you; carry these with you when you travel. Pre-plan your route from your arrival terminal to the bus stop, train station or other form of transportation you'll use to get to your program site. Or, plan your route to a hotel near the airport. Have the German phone number and email address for your contact with you (don't pack this in your checked luggage).

Frankfurt Airport; Munich Airport; Berlin Airport; Schiphol Airport (in Amsterdam)

Airline &
Luggage Limits
Flight # Date Time Departure Airport Date Time Arrival Airport
  TBD     Chicago O'Hare      
              Chicago O'Hare


This program itinerary is tentative and subject to change.

Students work 40 hours per week during the 8 week period and have 4 vacation days.

Program dates for 2019 are TBD.

Legal Entry & Stay

A visa is an endorsement or stamp placed by officials of a foreign country on a U.S. passport that makes it possible for the bearer to visit that foreign country. U.S. citizens in possession of a valid passport do not need to apply for a visa to enter Germany to complete an internship.

U.S. citizens planning to intern in Germany do need to apply for and receive a Residence Permit (work permit) PRIOR TO entering Germany. The Residence Permit allows you to legally engage in an activity other than tourism while in Germany. Students who have completed the program application process and have received a seat on the program have also completed all paperwork necessary to apply for a Work Permit. The UW Oshkosh OIE will forward the appropriate paperwork to the German host company for processing.

Insurance See insurance for details.

Orientation All participants must complete the mandatory Office of International Education on-line orientation and submit an orientation quiz. The quiz is linked from within the on-line orientation and is due the 2nd Friday in November for fall interim, spring semester and spring break programs or the 2nd Friday in April for spring interim, summer and fall semester programs.

Travel Resources See Orientation & Travel Resources.

Program Withdrawal See Program Withdrawal.