Ningbo University, China
Web Guide for Spring & Fall Semester 2020

Last Updated July 16, 2019

Program Overview

Program Overview



Program Contact(s)

Study Away Coordinator, Kelsey McDaniels:
Office of International Education
920-424-0775, Dempsey 202
UW Oshkosh Emergency Contacts

On-site Ningbo University Contact: Shelly (Director) or Alice (International Coordinator)
Address: 818 Fenghua Road, Jiangbei District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, PRC
Tel: 011-86-574-8760-0271


You may request a single or double occupancy room in the International Student Apartments on campus. Rooms include a bed (with linens), wardrobe, desk, chair, lamp, cable TV, bathroom with shower & toilet and air-conditioner. All rooms have access to high speed internet; students must purchase credit to use the internet. Visit the Ningbo Univeristy website for photos of student housing.


Ningbo University campus hosts 10+ university cafeterias serving both Chinese and western food.

Exchange students may apply for a "Beverage Card" in the Food & Beverage Service Center on campus. To qualify for the card, present your Admission Notice (the acceptance letter you will receive from Ningbo University). The card is rechargeable and must be used at most campus food venues. Only a few cafeterias accept cash.

Review the estimate for the amount of money you should bring to cover meals in the Full Cost of Participation worksheet (linked in Step III of the application checklist). It is not reasonable to think that you can save money by spending less than the food estimate provided by the OIE! This estimate is meant to be the BARE MINIMUM in relation to your particular destination!

Airport Transfers

Mode of transportation:
Students arrange their own transportation to/from the Chicago O'Hare airport. Arrive at least 3 hours before the scheduled flight departure.

Review the web site/s of your arrival airport and print any information/maps available to you; carry these with you when you travel. Pre-plan your route from your arrival terminal to the bus stop, train station or other form of transportation you'll use to get to your program site.

NUB is about 40 kilometers from the Ningbo Lishe International Airport. NBU recommends that travelers take a taxi from the airport to NBU student housing. Refer to the NBU University Guide for International Students for directions IN CHINESE. Print these directions and hand these to the taxi driver. IF YOU DON'T BRING THESE DIRECTIONS WITH YOU, YOUR TAXI DRIVER WILL NOT KNOW WHERE TO TAKE YOU!

Ningbo Lishe Airport (NGB; in Chinese only)
Beijing Capital (PEK)
Shanghai Hongqiao (PVG)


You must arrive on the date specified in your NBU "Admission Notice" (acceptance letter). This date will be before the actual semester begins and will allow you to arrive in time for NBU's mandatory in-country orientation.

You may not arrive prior to, or after, the specified date. If you do, this will cause problems with your visa when reigstering with the local government after arrival in China.

Seasoned travelers may want to travel to Shanghai and then take a train to Ningbo. All others should fly through Beijing or Shanghai to Ningbo Lishe International Airport.

Participants arrange and pay for airline tickets on their own. DO NOT purchase these until you have been officially accepted into the program by the HOST university.

For luggage limits, refer to the website of the airline on which you ultimately book your ticket.


NBU's Academic Calendar is structured into two semesters:

  • Winter (mid-December - mid-January)
  • Spring (early March - mid-June)

Once in China, your student visa will not allow you to exit China and then re-enter. Your student visa is good for ONE ENTRANCE ONLY. Don't plan a vacation or weekend outside of China until you have a "Residence Permit", because, without this permit, you won't be able to get back in to China!

Legal Entry & Stay


A visa is an endorsement or stamp placed by officials of a foreign country on a U.S. passport that makes it possible for the bearer to visit that foreign country. U.S. citizens and citizens from many other countries must apply for a visa prior to traveling to your host country. Instructions related to the visa application are in the application checklist for your program.

Residence Permit

You will also apply for a Residence Permit within 30 days of arrival in China. To apply, you must have a "physical examination report" and a "blood test report" issued by the Inspection and Quarantine Authority. Staff in the Foreign Student Affairs Office (FSAO) at NBU will have more information.

A student holding a Residence Permit may leave and re-enter China up until the Residence Permit expiration date without applying for a new visa. However, you must carry your Residence Permit with you when you travel. Without this, you cannot re-enter China.

Proof of Legal Entry & Stay

Foreigners are required to provide proof of legal entry and stay to authorities upon request. This means that as a foreigner, you will be required to carry the document/s listed below at all times. Check the Entry/Exit Requirements section of the U.S. State Department's Country Information for your destination for details.

Chinese law requires that you carry an unexpired U.S. passport and either your Chinese visa (this is in your passport) or residence permit (this is for semester/year abroad students) at all times. Chinese authorities will not accept a photocopy of your passport or your residence permit. Additionally, Chinese authorities are entitled to carry out random checks for these documents. If you are not in compliance, you will be subject to fines, detention, and/or deportation. Do NOT carry your documents in a purse or pocket. Carry these documents securely in, for example, a money belt.

Insurance See insurance for details.

Orientation All participants must complete the mandatory Office of International Education on-line orientation and submit an orientation quiz. The quiz is linked from within the on-line orientation and is due the 2nd Friday in November for fall interim, spring semester and spring break programs or the 1st Friday in April for spring interim, summer and fall semester programs.

All participants must also attend a pre-depature meeting, which supplements the on-line orientation and addresses common questions. The date and time will be coordinated with all accepted students and the orientation will take place in Dempsey 202. Participants who do not attend the pre-departure meeting will be removed from their programs. The withdrawal & refund policy will apply.

Travel Resources See Orientation & Travel Resources.

Program Withdrawal See Program Withdrawal.